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Golden Retriever Bites Way to Lottery Win for Dog Mom

Golden Retriever Bites Way to Lottery Win for Dog Mom

Recently, an incredible story shared by United Press International and Singapore Outlet AsiaOne, that proves dogs might just be your lucky charm.

A proud pet parent, known only as Lin, shared an extraordinary tale involving her adventurous golden retriever and a surprising lottery win.

While out shopping with her furry companion on February 15, Lin’s golden retriever made a dash into a nearby lottery shop, causing quite a stir. To Lin’s amazement, she found her pup with a scratch-off ticket clenched between its teeth.

Due to the tooth imprints left by her furry friend, Lin ended up purchasing the ticket.

To everyone’s delight, the unexpected turn of events led to a delightful outcome! The golden retriever’s chosen ticket turned out to be a winner, earning Lin a cool $139 prize.

“I was so shocked. Winning such a big amount in a lottery was a first for me,”

shared Lin, expressing her astonishment.

Deciding to test her pet’s luck once more the next day, Lin returned to the same shop with her golden retriever in tow.

And guess what? Lightning struck twice!

The pup picked another winning ticket, this time pocketing a smaller sum of just over $4.

Grateful for her furry friend’s unexpected windfall, Lin used the winnings to treat her loyal companion to some special treats and canned food. The story quickly spread on Chinese social media, with users hailing the golden retriever as a “fortune dog” for its incredible luck.

As one user humorously put it, “I can’t decide between getting a lottery ticket or a golden retriever!”

Another quipped that their path to fortune might just involve having a furry friend by their side.

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