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Rescue Group Operators Face Animal Cruelty Charges

Rescue Group Operators Face Animal Cruelty Charges

In a recent turn of events, two individuals running a rescue group in Sussex County have found themselves in legal trouble over alleged animal cruelty.

Gizela Juric and Ronald Colgan, the faces behind Angels for Animals Network, have been hit with six counts of animal cruelty each following a thorough investigation at their Vernon site earlier this week.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), in collaboration with the Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office and Vernon police, uncovered a distressing scene on the property.

Nearly 100 dogs, spanning various breeds, sizes, and ages, were discovered living in unsanitary conditions, surrounded by their own waste and enduring high levels of ammonia exposure.

Source: New Jersey Herald

Many of the dogs were observed with unkempt, severely matted fur, with nails so entangled that it became part of their coat. Some animals were visibly underweight, while others suffered from untreated infections, injuries, and other medical issues.

Tragically, several dogs were found deceased on the premises, further adding to the grim situation.

The rescued dogs have since been relocated to the ASPCA’s cruelty recovery center, where they will receive the necessary care, medical attention, and behavioral support.

Teresa Ladner, the senior director of investigations at ASPCA, emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in rescuing vulnerable animals from neglectful situations.

Source: New Jersey Herald

Despite being associated with an animal rescue group, it is evident that these dogs were not receiving the care they deserved. Furthermore, it was revealed that Juric had previously faced animal cruelty charges following the death of another dog under her supervision.

As the investigation continues, the ASPCA and the county prosecutor’s office are gathering evidence for potential additional charges. This unfortunate incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of ensuring the well-being of all animals, especially those entrusted to the care of supposed rescue organizations.

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