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Husky Pug Mix: The Hug Dog

Husky Pug Mix: The Hug Dog

Have you ever wondered about the husky pug combination? The Husky Pug Mix is a mixed breed dog-a cross of a Siberian Husky and a Pug, also known as the Hug or Pug Husky Mix. It’s known as a small to medium dog at about 10 to 23.5 inches tall, weighing between 14 to 36 pounds. The average lifespan of this crossbreed is from 12 to 15 years. 
Loving, intelligent, alert, and loyal, the Pug Husky mix is the perfect mix of its parent breeds. Let me tell you why this hybrid is definitely one of the best family dogs you can get today. Are you ready to learn more? Keep reading! 

Basic Breed Info 

Like most crossbreeds, Husky-Pug mixes can have an unpredictable yet endearing appearance. These dogs tend to have the stocky, muscular body of a Pug with the Husky’s long muzzle, and it’s the most common one. Some Hug mixes have the facial markings of their Husky parents, while others bear the Pug’s trademark facial folds. 
Even full-grown, Pug-Husky hybrids are usually small to medium dogs. As mentioned above they may reach up to 23.5 inches (55 cm) in height. Their weigh can be anywhere from 14 to 36 pounds (6.3 to 16.3 kilograms). 
A Husky Pug mix breed may also have the Pug’s short, fine coat or the long, thick coat of the Siberian Husky. As we previously said, they can have unpredictable appearances. Common coat colors include black, gray, red, silver, and white. 


Throughout history, pugs are known as companion dogs to Chinese ruling families and Tibetan monks. You can count on Pugsky puppies to be highly affectionate, loyal, and eager to please. 
On the other hand, Huskies are known for their outgoing nature and low aggressive tendencies. Most Husky-Pug dogs are friendly even towards small children and other dogs which makes them a perfect dog for every occasion. With these qualities, the Husky Pug Mix is an excellent addition to most families throughout the world. 
Despite their willingness to snuggle up with you, the Hug dog (not to be confused with a Bugg, the cross of a Boston Terrier and Pug) is not an ideal pet for small living spaces such as apartments. Like its Husky parent, a Pug Husky mix may need plenty of space to run to spend its energy which has a lot and needs a owner who is ready to provide him the needed time. 


So, do you know how much exercise the Husky Pug Mix needs? The Pug and Siberian Husky crossbreed has medium to high energy levels, with the Pug’s low-key nature tempering the Husky’s hyperactive ways. But this doesn’t mean the Husky and Pug mix doesn’t need its daily dose of exercise. As we said previously, they need plenty of space to feel comfortable. 
Take your Pug and Husky hybrid for a walk every day for at least an hour to provide him the basic needs. A long jog up to twice a week will also help your dog burn off its energy. Avoid walking your Siberian Husky and Pug cross in the early afternoon, which is the hottest time of the day. This way, your dog has a lower risk of getting overheated, dehydrated and trust me, your dog will be thankful for this.


Despite its easy going temperament and friendly attitude,  the Pugsky is not exactly a low-maintenance breed. 
You can expect an average to heavy shedding from your Husky Pug cross. If your dog has the Pug’s soft, short coat, brush it at least twice a week to get rid of dead hair and keep the new hair shiny and healthy. 
A Husky Pug Mix that has the long, thick coat of its Husky parent needs to be brushed up to four times a week to prevent tangles and matting. This is taking way more time than Pug’s coat. 
No matter the length of your Pugsky’s coat, you’ll want to invest in a high-performance vacuum cleaner. This way, you can keep your couch, floors, and walls clean and hair-free. It’s a time taking job, but you should be aware of this. 
Clean your Hug puppy’s facial creases once a day with a damp washcloth or baby wipes to prevent skin problems. Aslo, this helps to avoid health issues for your pup. 
Use ear wash to flush bacteria from your Pug Husky mix’s ears at least once a week. Make sure to trim your dog’s nails at least once a month to ensure that he can run comfortably. 


Did you know that you need to carefully watch your Husky-Pug dog’s food intake? The Pug Husky Mix is prone to obesity, especially if it has the Pug’s small stature. Feed your dog with 2.5 cups of food per day, at most, and by doing this you’ll avoid possible health issues. However, Husky and Pug mix dogs are prone to several health issues. 
Due to their Pug parentage, Hug mix dogs are predisposed to brachycephalic airway obstruction syndrome (BAOS). This condition causes breathing difficulties and chronic discomfort in Siberian Husky and Pug mix dogs that have short noses. If your Husky Pug Mix has this facial structure, he’ll struggle with exercise or even with running. Breathing issues to these dogs are common. 
Pug Husky mixed dogs can also get dermatitis in their facial skin folds and around their short, twisted tails – if not cleaned regularly. Dermatitis causes skin irritation and hair loss and may progress into infections.

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