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Larry the Dog Takes the Spotlight: Get Ready for His Own Action Figure (and CM Punk Too!)

Larry the Dog Takes the Spotlight: Get Ready for His Own Action Figure (and CM Punk Too!)

Zombie Sailor Toys, the awesome action figure maker known for their nostalgic Heels and Faces toy line inspired by WWE’s classic Hasbro figures from the 90s, has just made a major announcement.

Brace yourselves, wrestling fans, because they are adding the coolest characters to their collection: CM Punk and his trusty companion, Larry the Dog!

According to ZST’s website, these collectibles are made-to-order and will be available for a limited time of around two weeks. Once the time is up, you won’t find the CM Punk figure anywhere else.

And guess what? Each purchase includes a bonus Larry figure, the dog who became a sensation in the wrestling world.

Larry’s rise to fame began when he found himself in the middle of the backstage Brawl Out incident during Punk’s time in All Elite Wrestling.

Fun fact: Larry’s uncanny resemblance to the Wolf Man earned him the nickname Larry Talbot! Legend has it that when Matt & Nick Jackson stormed into Punk’s locker room, they accidentally hit Larry in the face while kicking the door.

Later, during a scheduled vet visit, Punk discovered that Larry had damaged teeth that needed to be removed.

Punk’s bond with Larry is well-documented, and it’s no wonder he stood up for his furry friend like a real-life John Wick.

In 2021, Punk and his wife, April “AJ Lee” Mendez, rescued Larry from a non-profit animal shelter called PAWS Chicago. Larry had a troubled past, possibly linked to abuse from previous owners, but he found a loving home with Punk and April.

Punk described Larry as a misfit, just like himself and his wife, who have always felt like they didn’t quite fit in. They’ve faced rejection and people telling them what they can’t do.

Larry brings them an immense amount of joy and is a perfect match for their family.

Now, thanks to Zombie Sailor Toys, you can bring a piece of that joy into your own home!

Don’t miss out on the chance to own these incredible CM Punk and Larry figures that capture the spirit of wrestling and the power of friendship. Get ready to howl with excitement as these unique collectibles are up for grabs for a limited time!

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