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Tina Fey Surprised by Canine Company at ‘SNL’ Headquarters

Tina Fey Surprised by Canine Company at ‘SNL’ Headquarters

In a delightful revelation, Tina Fey recently discovered that some of the current staff at “Saturday Night Live” have the privilege of bringing their furry companions to the show’s Rockefeller Center base.

This was something Fey herself never experienced during her impressive nine-year tenure on the iconic sketch series.

During an appearance on the popular iHeartRadio podcast “Las Culturistas,” hosted by “SNL” star Bowen Yang and comedian Matt Rogers, the trio engaged in a light-hearted discussion about the joys and challenges of owning dogs in a bustling city.

While expressing her envy of Fey’s dog ownership status, Yang humorously admitted, “My dogs poop inside every single day,” and shared his desire to be a pet parent.

However, due to the demanding schedule of “SNL,” he confessed that he simply doesn’t have enough time to dedicate to a furry friend.

To Yang’s surprise, Fey responded reassuringly, “Because no one brings their dog to ‘SNL’.”

This led to an unexpected revelation as Yang corrected her, saying, “Oh, people bring their dogs to ‘SNL’.”

Fey audibly gasped in astonishment, exclaiming, “What!”

Yang quickly assured her, “There’s a couple of people, but it’s fine. They—”

Interrupting him, Fey eagerly asked, “They stay in the dressing room?”

Yang confirmed, “They stay in the dressing room, or sometimes they’ll bring them out. It’s OK.”

This shift in workplace culture left Fey amazed, acknowledging that it reflects a “different world” compared to her time on the show.

Yang suggested that the COVID-19 pandemic may have played a role in this change, as it emphasized the importance of accommodating people’s needs and prioritizing mental well-being.

“We’ve had a rough couple of years,” Yang noted.

Fey wholeheartedly agreed, stating, “Let everyone have what they need, yeah.”

Yang further explained the challenges he faced working at “SNL” before the pandemic, expressing his anxiety and cultural adjustment upon starting there.

He emphasized that regardless of one’s background or job, beginning at “SNL” is always daunting. However, he recalled a time pre-pandemic when he felt constantly terrified and shaken while being at the show.

Fey’s impressive career at “SNL” began in 1997 as a writer and later saw her become the first female head writer in 1999.

Her memorable skits, such as “Dope Squad” and the “Weekend Update” segment with Amy Poehler, remain fan favorites.

To hear Fey’s full interview on “Las Culturistas,” check out the video above. The discussion about dogs starts around the 23-minute mark.

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