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Lola the Chihuahua Takes Charge Of Bedtime Schedule

Lola the Chihuahua Takes Charge Of Bedtime Schedule

Dogs love their routines, and when things don’t go as planned, they sure know how to make their feelings known to their owners.

One tiny Chihuahua named Lola is a stickler for bedtime. Without a word from her owner, she heads upstairs, expecting everyone to follow suit.

But if she’s left alone, she’s quick to show her displeasure.

In a funny TikTok video shared on @lolalittlelegs, Lola can be seen giving her owner the “bedtime stare” from the top of the stairs. She’s ready to hit the hay, and everyone else better be too, according to her rules.

The caption humorously reads: “POV: my dog’s fuming and spies on me until I come to bed.”

Despite her small size, Lola’s intense gaze is enough to put anyone on edge. The owner shared with Newsweek that Lola can keep this up for quite a while, spending anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour going back and forth, keeping a close eye on her human.

The video, posted on January 22, has had over 46,900 views, 2,224 likes, and 54 comments, with TikTok users relating their own doggy bedtime tales and getting a good laugh out of Lola’s antics.

In the comments, one user shared, “At least she waits, mine just goes off to bed without me,”

while another remarked, “I have a Chihuahua too, and it took me until the second photo to notice. Biggie does the same stare, ‘I said it’s BEDTIME bish.'”

Seems like the bedtime stare is a Chihuahua trademark!

Doggy Bedtime

Just like humans, dogs benefit from having a regular bedtime routine. Consistent sleep schedules not only promote better health and improved sleep but also help maintain stability in your furry friend’s life.

By establishing a set bedtime that aligns with your own schedule, you can encourage your dog to sleep through the night. This means everyone in the household can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without interruptions like barking or scratching.

Maintaining a consistent bedtime can also lay the foundation for the rest of your dog’s daily routine. With a solid sleep schedule, your pup will adjust to sleeping for eight to ten hours, waking up around the same time each morning, and knowing when it’s time for bathroom breaks and meals.

According to Pet Wellbeing, sticking to a routine can reduce stress and anxiety in dogs, particularly for those with separation anxiety. Consistency reassures them that you’ll always come back, providing them with much-needed comfort and security.

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