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A Dog’s Special Bond with Grandpa Goes Viral

A Dog’s Special Bond with Grandpa Goes Viral

Dogs always have a favorite human they adore spending time with, and while it’s usually their owner, that’s not always the case. The owner of a dog named Boomer has captured hearts on social media by sharing a lovely moment between her dad and their furry companion.

In a video posted on Instagram by the handle January life.with.a.landcloud, the Samoyed is seen cozying up to grandpa during a vacation, gazing at him with affection and admiration.

The dad, who clearly adores the pup, can be heard asking, “Are you having a good time, best doggie? Are you enjoying your vacation? You’re such a good doggie.”

The touching video is captioned with, “I caught a precious moment between my dog and his grandpa Larry.” This was followed by, “I’m not tearing up, you are.”

Sharing about the special bond, the owner mentioned:

“His grandparents from New York were visiting California, so we all went on vacation to Carlsbad. Boomer and his grandpa share a sweet connection, and they love spending time together. I was thrilled to capture one of their special moments. They had a blast on vacation.

There are signs that indicate you’re a dog’s favorite person, such as always wanting to be near you, wagging their tail at you, making eye contact, nuzzling their face against yours, and following you around.

But what if you’re not your dog’s favorite? Can you win them over?

The answer is yes. Building a strong bond with your pet can stem from positive interactions or experiences like treats, playtime, walks, hikes, and lots of affection.

The video quickly gained popularity, having over 213,897 likes on Instagram.

One user, beuogana, noted, “The way Boomer keeps looking at grandpa when he talks to him.” Another user, brashnsassyz, commented, “Their bond is truly special. So heartwarming.”

User rsvpcourtney observed, “She has the sweetest smile when grandpa talks to her.” And itsmenthie expressed, “I’m getting emotional watching this.”

User thefoodiechronicles remarked, “It’s clear they share a deep love for each other.”

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