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The Judgemental Maltipoo Has A Unique Style

The Judgemental Maltipoo Has A Unique Style

Every friend group has that one person who keeps to themselves while the others chat away, and the same goes for our furry companions.

A fluffy Maltipoo named Luke had the internet in stitches when his owner captured a moment of him isolating himself from the other dogs, looking like he was passing judgment on them.

In a funny video posted on TikTok by @kiwifruit.luka, the adorable white Maltipoo named Luke is seen perched behind the railing at the top of the stairs, observing his siblings and cousins playing below. The expression on his face clearly shows that he’s not quite entertained by the scene.

The text on the screen humorously reads: “When all the dogs are playing and getting along, except that one who sits alone and judges.”

The caption adds to the humor: “Aw, look at all the dogs—oh wait, where’s Luka.”

According to the post, Luke loves to play, zoom around, mimic a human walking, hide like a cat, munch on fresh produce, and snooze in the most unexpected places he can find. His unique quirks make him a dog worth warning people about, not because he’s mean, but because he’s delightfully odd in a cute way.

His brother Kiwi, a tiny two-and-a-half-year-old teacup Maltipoo weighing a mere 3.5 pounds, is known for always having a messy face, enjoying car rides, “hunting” for critters, sunbathing, treats, and snuggling with his sibling.

Kiwi and Luke both share a love for walks, adventures, their human and furry family members, and accompany their mom on her outings whenever possible.

In the video, Kiwi can be seen playing with their cousins Indo and Daphne, both German shepherd mixes who adore outdoor playtime.

These delightful dogs are described as loyal and gentle giants who enjoy their toys, frisbees, walks, and playful interactions with other dogs.

Pet wellness experts at Wag! note that dogs are social beings, so it’s unusual to see them distancing themselves from their families. When this behavior occurs alongside other changes, it could indicate underlying issues like anxiety, depression, health problems, or simply the effects of aging.

The video quickly captured the hearts of social media users, having over 4,218 views and 322 likes on TikTok.

One user amusingly commented, “He looking down like ‘those peasants.'”

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