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Missing Senior Shih Tzu Found In A Local Milwaukee Bar

Missing Senior Shih Tzu Found In A Local Milwaukee Bar

In Milwaukee, an adventurous senior dog named Bear, a 16-year-old Shih Tzu belonging to Jenny Hazard, recently had an unexpected night out, exposing his love for adventure.

Bear, known for his spirited nature, particularly in his younger years when he was a bit of a “runner,” went on an escapade on the evening of January 24.

Hazard, his owner, became concerned when Bear, who now has a heart condition, disappeared from her backyard as the sun was setting.

Fearing for Bear’s well-being, Hazard initiated a search, braving the wintry weather to look for her beloved pet.

The search took an unexpected turn when Hazard received a message that Bear was spotted at a local tavern named Finks. Hazard learned that her furry friend had ventured to the bar, located a mile from home.

A photo sent to Hazard’s phone captured the moment Bear, with a delightful smile, was enjoying the company of patrons at the bar. The surprising revelation left Hazard both relieved and amused, wondering, “What’s he doing at a bar?”

As the details unfolded, it appeared that a group of bar-goers had found Bear on the street and decided to bring him along to Finks. The senior Shih Tzu became a temporary celebrity at the bar, cared for by the patrons until his owner was contacted.

In a lighthearted twist, Hazard humorously describes Bear’s escapade as “Old man breaks free — goes to the bar.”

The tale ends with Bear safely back home, proving that age is no barrier to an unexpected night on the town for this spirited senior pup.

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