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Woman Sees A Foot Hanging Out The Engine – Dicovers Something Amazing

Woman Sees A Foot Hanging Out The Engine – Dicovers Something Amazing

In a surprising twist of events, a woman’s routine day took an unexpected turn when she heard barking near her home.

Instinctively knowing it wasn’t her own dogs, she turned to her security footage, revealing a mysterious figure darting beneath her car. What unfolded next would leave everyone, including the Arizona Humane Society (AHS), astonished.

Source: The Dodo

A quick peek beneath her car unveiled a pup, later named Nova, stuck in the engine. Unsure of the next steps, she reached out to AHS, and in no time, emergency animal medical technicians Ruthie Jesus and McKenzie Dunnington swooped in.

While Ruthie had rescued her fair share of kittens from car engines, a full-sized dog was a first for the AHS team.

Source: The Dodo

Kelsey Dickerson, AHS spokesperson, shared,

“While AHS has rescued a puppy stuck in a car engine before, the 49-pound Nova is very likely the first adult dog rescued from this predicament in the shelter’s history!”

In a speedy 15-minute operation, Nova was free, revealing a bouncy, affectionate pup ready to shower her rescuers with gratitude. A vet check confirmed only minor injuries, and Nova was all set to go on a journey to her forever home.

Source: The Dodo

Dickerson said.

“She is an incredibly sweet, energetic, loving, and playful pup who loves going on walks and getting attention from everyone she meets.”

Nova’s unexpected escapade turned into a heartwarming tale of resilience, proving that even a sticky situation can lead to a happy ending and a forever home filled with joy.

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