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Pita, Bagel, and Their Adorable Bakery Puppies

Pita, Bagel, and Their Adorable Bakery Puppies

When Pita first arrived at a bustling shelter in Los Angeles, her fellow shelter mates were unsure how to help. She was enormously pregnant, and it seemed like she could give birth any second.

The shelter lacked the necessary time, space, and resources to care for her, so they reached out to MaeDay Rescue, who immediately stepped in.

Upon seeing Pita, Natalie Garcia, the founder of MaeDay Rescue, was astounded by the size of her belly.

Garcia wasted no time and took Pita to the veterinarian for an ultrasound. The number of puppies growing within her tiny body left everyone in awe.

Source: The Dodo

With the imminent arrival of her little ones, Pita was settled into a foster home, where she gradually began to trust her rescuers and prepare for motherhood.

Just a few days after Pita found refuge with the rescue, her foster mom contacted Garcia in a state of panic. “I was actually at dinner,” Garcia recalled. “The foster called me, saying, ‘I think it’s happening. She’s digging. She’s licking herself.’ I abruptly left the dinner table.”

Throughout the night, Garcia and Pita’s foster mom devoted their time to assisting Pita. By morning, five healthy puppies made their debut: Ciabatta, Loaf, Baguette, Focaccia, and Rye.

It seemed like a picture-perfect happy ending, but there was a twist—the puppies’ father, Bagel, was still at the shelter.

Bagel and Pita had arrived at the shelter together, and it was widely assumed that he was the proud dad of the adorable bakery-themed litter. Unfortunately, Bagel couldn’t be rescued at the same time as Pita. However, fate eventually brought him into the caring hands of MaeDay Rescue.

Source: The Dodo

“We thought, why not reunite the whole family?” Garcia chuckled. “We even made jokes about Bagel not helping, wondering where he was and if he’d sent a congratulatory card for the babies.”

In due time, Bagel settled into a foster home as well. Both he and Pita were initially wary of strangers and needed time to adjust to their newfound lives. They had endured hardships, but gradually, they realized they were finally safe.

Source: The Dodo

Since then, Pita and Bagel have found their forever homes, and soon enough, their adorable bakery puppies will too. The entire family overcame a challenging start, but thanks to their dedicated rescuers, they now have the opportunity to live happily ever after.

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