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Brave Cat Owner Saves Feline Friend from Deadly Snake Encounter

Brave Cat Owner Saves Feline Friend from Deadly Snake Encounter

In late January, a heart-stopping incident unfolded in Brisbane, Australia, where a woman discovered a snake coiled around her beloved cat’s neck.

However, with quick thinking and the help of some trusty kitchen tongs, she managed to rescue her furry companion.

According to a Facebook post by Rebecca Daynes, the cat owner, the shocking encounter took place on January 30. The snake in question turned out to be an eastern brown snake, one of Australia’s most dangerous and venomous reptiles.

These snakes can be found all across eastern Australia, even in heavily populated areas, and are responsible for more snake bite deaths than any other species, as reported by the Australian Museum.

Reacting swiftly in an adrenaline-filled haze, Daynes carefully untangled the snake from Mabel’s neck using a pair of kitchen tongs. Miraculously, it appears that the snake did not manage to bite the brave feline.

“It’s been 24 hours, and Mabel is showing no symptoms or signs of distress,” shared Daynes on Facebook. Alongside her update, she posted a photo of the snake wrapped around her pet, mentioning that the snake itself suffered injuries but survived the encounter.

It is now presumably somewhere in the garden or bushland behind the house.

Thanks to this woman’s heroic efforts, Mabel can continue to enjoy her happy and snake-free life.

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