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Arthur, the Curious Cockapoo Keeps an Eye on the Neighborhood

Arthur, the Curious Cockapoo Keeps an Eye on the Neighborhood

When it comes to snoozing on the couch or playing with toys, most dogs are content with the simple pleasures.

But not Arthur, the adventurous cockapoo who has a more important mission—keeping tabs on the neighbors!

In a side-splitting video shared by @hayleycoless on TikTok, we see 3-year-old Arthur skillfully using his paw to open the blinds, all in the name of getting a better view of what’s happening outside.

His owner, Hayley Coles, couldn’t help but be amazed by his antics, revealing that Arthur is “super nosey and loves people,” in an interview with Newsweek.

Some might call it spying, while others see it as his way of guarding the house. Regardless, whenever there’s something interesting happening outside, you can be sure that Arthur will have the blinds wide open, eagerly observing the scene.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Coles describes Arthur as a loving, intelligent, and cheeky boy who recently discovered how to operate the blinds in their front room. His favorite pastime is gazing out the window, especially when Coles or her partner are out at night.

Arthur simply can’t resist peeking through the shutter blinds to see what’s going on in the neighborhood.

Arthur’s determination to fulfill his neighborhood watch duties captured the hearts of social media users. Since the video was uploaded on February 3, it has garnered over 324,000 views and received more than 28,000 likes on TikTok.

One of the reasons why cockapoos like Arthur are so adored is their lively and entertaining nature. According to experts at VCA Animal Hospitals, this breed is outgoing and tends to get excited around strangers. It’s no wonder Arthur loves being in the know all the time.

While Arthur’s behavior may stem from a protective instinct, he doesn’t exhibit any signs of territorial aggression, as noted by VCA Animal Hospitals.

Dogs often become defensive or alert when they sense something unusual, reacting with barking, growling, lunging, or snapping. To prevent such behavior, early socialization and proper training are recommended.

As for Arthur, now that he has mastered the art of opening the shutter blinds, he’s perfectly content sitting back and observing without getting too involved.

Coles is astonished by the overwhelming response to her video. She never expected her pup’s antics to resonate with so many people.


when your dog is so nosey, he’s worked out how to open the shutter blinds 😂 #cockapoo #dogsoftiktok #uk #fyp #fy

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“It’s truly heartwarming to see how much joy our video has brought to fellow cockapoo parents and dog lovers,”

she shared.

With 125 comments and counting, plenty of people have praised Arthur’s inquisitive nature and even shared stories of their own dogs doing similar things.

One comment humorously summed it up, saying, “Being a neighborhood watch dog is a 24-hour job!”

Another person shared, “My dog also opens the curtains to satisfy their curiosity or peeks through the edges.”

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