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Roadside ‘Puppy’ Turns Out to be Something Unexpected

Roadside ‘Puppy’ Turns Out to be Something Unexpected

Imagine coming across what you thought was an abandoned puppy on a busy road. It’s no wonder that many people would rush to help the little one and ensure its safety.

That’s exactly what happened when a kind-hearted man from Japan stumbled upon what he believed to be a puppy by the side of a highway. Little did he know, this furry friend had a surprise in store for him.

In 2020, a man named Marcy discovered this sweet creature and gave her the name Luna. Excited about his find, he took to X to share the news.

He posted about finding a lost ‘puppy’ on the highway and asked if anyone knew who she belonged to.

The response to his tweet was overwhelming, with many people chiming in.

However, most of them pointed out that Luna wasn’t actually a dog. Twitter users suspected that she was a baby fox.

Uncertain about Luna’s true identity, Marcy promised to take her to the vet for confirmation.

In an update, Marcy shared, “Thank you for all your retweets and opinions. I had a good night’s sleep after a satisfying meal of rice, and this morning I’m feeling great with proper digestion and elimination. Is Luna a fox? I’ll confirm it with the veterinarian later.”

Despite discovering that Luna was indeed a fox, Marcy continued to care for the little creature for a while. However, he knew that keeping foxes as pets was illegal in Japan, so he made the difficult decision to find her a new home.

Source: Mirror UK

Luna was given to a farm where she could be properly taken care of.

Word of Luna’s story spread like wildfire, and people were eager for updates. Marcy happily informed them, saying, “We’ve successfully handed Luna over to Kita Kitsune Farm. If you ever have the chance, I’d love for you to visit her.”

Although Luna turned out to be different from what Marcy initially thought, there was no denying her undeniable charm as a fluffy baby fox.

Marcy’s well-intentioned rescue mission may not have gone as planned, but it definitely had a happy ending.

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