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Rachel Leviss Clears the Air on Canine Controversy with Pup Graham Cracker

Rachel Leviss Clears the Air on Canine Controversy with Pup Graham Cracker

Rachel Leviss is putting the leash on misconceptions and addressing the drama that unfolded around her dog, Graham Cracker, and ex-fiancé James Kennedy.

In the midst of a canine controversy, the former Vanderpump Rules cast member shares her side of the story on her podcast, “Rachel Goes Rogue,” aiming to set the record straight before Season 11 takes center stage.

Last year, the Vanderpump Dog Foundation reported that Rachel had left Graham at a shelter, sparking rumors of his return to James.

Amid the chaos, Rachel alleged that Lisa Vanderpump had suggested Graham might end up in a kill shelter.

Providing insights into the situation, Rachel clarifies that Graham was entrusted to a breed-specific dog rescue, not a kill shelter.

On the January 29 podcast episode, Rachel discloses the challenges she faced in addressing Graham’s behavioral issues. Despite attempts at training and rehoming with a different foster family, Graham’s difficulties persisted.

The rescue sought additional financial support for a new trainer, but a subsequent incident, where Graham attacked another dog and foster family members, led to his return.

Setting things straight, Rachel emphasizes:

“I had no intention of putting Graham down. If anything, I wanted him to live; I just didn’t want him to be with James.”

Expressing disappointment in the rescue for allegedly breaching confidentiality, Rachel highlights their failure to update her on Graham’s well-being and reveals her willingness to support financially.

Through these revelations, Rachel provides context to the Graham saga, aiming to dispel misconceptions and offer a clearer paw-spective on the reality TV drama that continues to unfold.

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