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Budweisers new Super Bowl Features Dog, Horse, But No Heart

Budweisers new Super Bowl Features Dog, Horse, But No Heart

Budweiser is bringing back its big game magic with “Old School Delivery,” featuring the iconic Clydesdales and an adorable dog. In this heartwarming tale created with agency FCB New York, we learn that bad weather has disrupted beer deliveries to a rural bar in need of Bud.

The bar’s perceptive pup senses the impending beer crisis because, as we all know, dogs can detect the fear of running out of beer.

Enter the Budweiser delivery team, armed with a brilliant solution: an old-school horse-drawn delivery, complete with a hearty “Yeeehaw!” The journey, set to the tune of “The Weight” by The Band, takes an unexpected turn when fog rolls in.

But fear not, the dog becomes the unsung hero, guiding the team through the mist. It’s enough to warm even the coldest two-beer-buzzed heart.

Now, Budweiser has a history of winning over Super Bowl viewers with a delightful mix of cute dogs and majestic Clydesdales.

There’s the 2004 classic “Born a Donkey,” showcasing an unlikely horse team member.

In 2007, “Spot” featured a lovable stray dog posing as the Clydesdale team’s dalmatian. The following year, a magical combo of dalmatian, Clydesdale, and a Rocky-themed training montage.

Who could forget the 2015 tearjerker “Lost Dog,” which topped USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter?

While this year’s “Old School Delivery” is visually impressive, the 30-second version feels a tad rushed and lacks the emotional punch of its predecessors.

The focus on humans—the delivery team and bar patrons—instead of the lovable dog and horses may be the culprit.

Back in 2013, “Brotherhood” stood out as an exception, highlighting the strong connection between a Clydesdale and its trainer.

However, it maintained a narrow focus on these two characters, with the emotional impact centered around the horse

Bud’s best ads typically weave emotional journeys around these iconic animals, making the 2024 ad, though good, fall a bit flat compared to Budweiser’s finest.

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