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Watch How Border Collie Pups Show Off Their Sheep-Herding Superpowers

Watch How Border Collie Pups Show Off Their Sheep-Herding Superpowers

Get ready for a dose of canine cuteness as two spirited border collie puppies light up the internet with their incredible herding skills.

This video, shared on TikTok by @statusstockdogs on January 20, has clocked over 4 million views, featuring the playful pups rounding up three sheep to the lively beat of “Runaround Sue.”

Filmed by Randal Walker at Satus Stockdogs, a charming livestock ranch in Washington that specializes in breeding and training cattle dogs, the video is a testament to the brilliance of these furry friends.

The ranch, known for offering “real cowdogs for real cow work,” takes pride in its border collies excelling in various aspects of ranch operations.

Walker, the man behind the lens, emphasizes the unique roles each dog plays, showcasing their proven abilities to tackle long and demanding days working with different categories of cattle. S

atus Stockdogs’ collies undergo rigorous evaluations, with a focus on attributes like toughness, bite, stamina, and mindset—ensuring that only the cream of the crop makes it to the esteemed Satus kennel.

In a lighthearted exchange in the comments section, Walker playfully suggests that the sheep seen in the video are up for grabs, encouraging viewers to “save them.”

Amidst the amazement at the puppies’ herding prowess, concerns about the sheep’s well-being are met with Walker’s assurance that no animals were harmed during this adorable escapade.

This enchanting video has not only garnered over 221,000 likes but has also sparked more than 900 comments, showcasing the power of puppy love and leaving a lasting impression on everyone who witnesses the delightful sheepy shenanigans.

One commenter said:  “Aww the poor sheep just trying chill.”

“For the right price they can chill at your house,” Walker replied.

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