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Mother Dog With Pups Left Alone In Abandoned House. The Pictures Will Melt Your Hearts

Mother Dog With  Pups Left Alone In Abandoned House. The Pictures Will Melt Your Hearts

In Phelan, CA, the Mojave Desert’s rustic charm conceals a tale of canine resilience.

A distressed dog family—parents and nine pups—emerged from a dark corner of neglect after their owner’s passing left them at the mercy of squatters for six weeks.

The situation gained public attention thanks to Kristen Gamble, co-founder of One Mutt At A Time Rescue, who swiftly responded to a neighbor’s social media plea.

Kristen, driven by compassion, ventured into the dilapidated residence, unveiling a scene of neglect that had left the dogs malnourished in squalid conditions.

The dire state of the home took Kristen aback.

Kristen shared:

“The dogs had been trapped in the house alone for 6 weeks. They were very skinny.”

Source: Rocky Kanaka

The neighbor had attempted to help by providing food in the sixth week and isolating the dogs upstairs. However, the home’s unlivable state became evident, with urine-soaked floors and pervasive filth.

The father, a Corgi/Husky mix, and the mother, a petite Shepherd mix, along with their estimated six-week-old puppies, had endured this plight since the homeowner’s passing.

Kristen, reaching out to her network, found a savior in Vanessa Traufler-Samarripa, a volunteer and Board Member at One Mutt At A Time, who stepped up to house all 11 dogs.

Source: Rocky Kanaka

However, the rescue mission is far from over. Despite sharing the urgent situation on social media, One Mutt At A Time has yet to receive a foster or adoption request.

They now face the critical task of finding permanent homes for this resilient canine family.

Source: Rocky Kanaka

Commenting on the post, one user empathized,

“Heartbreaking to think of what they’ve been through. I hope they find loving homes soon.” Another user added humorously, “These pups need a ‘ruff’ rescue, and a loving family can make that happen!”

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