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Veteran’s Dog Missing For 38 Days Was Found After A Car Accident

Veteran’s Dog Missing For 38 Days Was Found After A Car Accident

In a surprising turn of events in sunny Las Vegas, Little Bear, the trusty companion of 80-year-old veteran Reuben Nieves, has emerged from a month-long escapade that involved dodging cars and making friends on the streets of Henderson.

The spirited pup, who had been missing for 38 days, was recently found about four miles away after an unexpected encounter with a passing vehicle.

Nieves, a determined dog dad, recalls how he handed out flyers to fellow dog walkers, hoping for any leads.

On December 21, Little Bear made a daring escape during a routine vet drop-off on Stephanie and Warm Springs, setting off a quest that would lead to an unexpected reunion.

In a twist of fate, someone who witnessed Little Bear’s encounter with a car took him to Tropicana Animal Hospital, where the pup’s microchip identified him.

The hospital’s Dr. Amy Sarcinella noted the pup’s remarkable survival skills, including sustaining himself with unconventional street fare.

One TikTok user commented on the situation, “Glad the pup is okay!

”Dogs are tougher than we think.” Another user, reacting to the X-rays, added,

“Who knew a dog’s adventure could involve so many bones! Hope he’s munching on regular dog food soon!”

Nieves expressed gratitude to the mysterious Good Samaritan who brought Little Bear to safety.

The duo, known for their bedtime routine, faces a temporary change as Little Bear, nursing a fractured jaw and other injuries, adjusts to his new normal.

Nieves, anticipating a joyful homecoming, shared:

“He normally sleeps with me, but I’m afraid he might hurt himself if he tries to get off. So, I may put him on the floor until he’s ready.”

The tale of this adventurous pup reminds us that sometimes, even the smallest heroes can make the biggest impact.

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