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Ryan Seacrest’s Latest Furry Addition: Meet Olio, the Italian-speaking Pup

Ryan Seacrest’s Latest Furry Addition: Meet Olio, the Italian-speaking Pup

Ryan Seacrest recently introduced his newest furry companion to his fans. The popular TV host took to Instagram to share the exciting news that he has welcomed a new dog into his family.

During a visit to his old stomping grounds on a Monday morning, Ryan caught up with Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

Kelly couldn’t help but ask Ryan about any new developments in his love life, prompting him to share all about his adorable new puppy, Olio.

When Mark jokingly asked if Olio was an Italian dog, Ryan played along, saying that Olio loves marinara and is named after olive oil. He also shared how his older dog, Georgia, initially reacted to the new addition, revealing that she took some time to warm up to the idea but now they are the best of friends.

Source: People

The trio shared some light-hearted banter about whether Olio speaks Italian or English, with Ryan joking that dogs don’t speak but they certainly understand. He even entertained the idea of teaching Olio some commands in Italian with Mark’s help.

Ryan delighted his followers with snapshots of Olio and Georgia on Instagram, showcasing the adorable pair and expressing his love for his new furry family member.

The photos capture heartwarming moments of Ryan bonding with Olio and his niece enjoying the company of Georgia and the new pup.

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