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Clover The Pit Bull Who Was Covered In Toxic Paint, Has A Colorful Comeback

Clover The Pit Bull Who Was Covered In Toxic Paint, Has A Colorful Comeback

In a desert town near Los Angeles, a small pit bull named Clover found herself alone, scared, and covered in toxic green paint, hoping for a helping hand.

Fortunately, a kind passerby spotted Clover’s trembling figure and knew they had to step in. Before long, Clover was in the safe hands of the North Valley Veterinary Center.

Dedicated experts set to work on healing Clover’s skin, which had been badly affected by the harmful paint.

Source: The Dodo

After receiving two soothing baths and tender care, Clover’s green hue faded away, revealing her beautiful gray coat and gentle demeanor.

Following a two-week stay at the hospital, Clover’s skin showed remarkable improvement. However, she still required time to relax and adjust.

Source: The Dodo

Love Leo Rescue director Sasha Abelson, a passionate dog enthusiast, opened her home to Clover, knowing the pup needed time to rebuild trust and confidence.

Describing Clover as sweet but reserved upon arrival, Abelson understood that it would be a gradual process for her to open up and feel secure again.

Recognizing the importance of finding a patient and understanding forever family for Clover, Abelson reunited with a compassionate couple eager to meet the special pup.

The couple wholeheartedly engaged in training sessions with Clover, aiding her in rediscovering trust and security. Over time, it became evident that the trio had formed an unbreakable bond.

Source: The Dodo

As weeks turned into months, Abelson witnessed the couple’s unwavering dedication to Clover, providing her with the love, time, and space she needed to heal and flourish.

The sight of Clover embraced in love and joy, living her best life, fills Abelson’s heart with happiness and gratitude.

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