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Three RVers Rescue Lost Pup in the Arizona Desert

Three RVers Rescue Lost Pup in the Arizona Desert

Vanessa Keating, Theresa Burge, and Aubrey Metropulos, a trio of full-time RVers and Vanlifers, were exploring Bulldog Canyon in Arizona when they stumbled upon a lonely dog in the desert.

The dog, small and furry, caught their attention not far from their campsite.

Determined not to leave the pup alone, they set out to win his trust. After a bit of initial hesitation, the dog warmed up to them, particularly to Theresa, who removed a cholla cactus stuck to his fur, instantly earning his affection.

With the cactus gone, the dog, named Echo, seemed relieved and grateful for the attention and care. The group showered him with love, hoping to reunite him with his family.

Despite their efforts to locate his owners at the campsite, they couldn’t find them, but they remained committed to helping Echo.

Source: The Dodo

The following day, they took Echo to be scanned for a microchip, leading to a heartwarming reunion with his owner. Echo’s dad, who had feared the worst, was overjoyed to have his beloved pet back safe and sound.

Echo had only been missing for a few days before being rescued, and his excitement at being reunited with his family was palpable. The three women’s dedication and compassion ensured that Echo found his way back home, where he truly belonged.

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