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Shanghai Woman Leaves $2.8M Estate to Pets, Leaves Her Three Kids With Nothing

Shanghai Woman Leaves $2.8M Estate to Pets, Leaves Her Three Kids With Nothing

In a surprising turn of events, a wealthy woman from Shanghai has chosen to leave her substantial $2.8 million estate not to her human heirs, but to her beloved furry companions.

Reports suggest that the woman, known as Mrs. Liu, made this unique decision due to feelings of neglect from her three children during her later years, particularly when she faced health challenges.

While her children found themselves excluded from the inheritance, Mrs. Liu decided to entrust her fortune to her cherished pets, including dogs, cats, and their future generations.

The decision reflects the deep bond Mrs. Liu formed with her animal companions, who provided unwavering support during her times of need.

The news has sparked diverse reactions online, with some applauding Mrs. Liu’s unconventional choice. One individual expressed support, saying:

“Well done. If my daughter treats me poorly in the future, I will also leave my house to others.”

Although Mrs. Liu’s exact age remains unclear, the report describes her as “elderly.” Her will specifies that the funds are to be utilized for the well-being and care of her pets and their offspring after her passing.

To navigate the legal complexities of leaving an inheritance directly to animals in China, a local veterinary clinic has been entrusted to oversee the pets’ welfare and act as the administrator of the substantial legacy.

The China Will Registration Centre’s eastern China branch, an entity that offers advice on will-related matters, reportedly cautioned Mrs. Liu about the potential risks of entrusting the pet clinic with her entire estate. However, they also suggested the flexibility of amending the will should her children’s attitudes change in the future.

This unusual case adds to a handful of instances worldwide where pets have inherited significant fortunes, such as Gunther III, a German shepherd who became the wealthiest dog in history after inheriting $65 million from his German countess owner.

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