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The Gift-Giving Doggo Who Steals Hearts

The Gift-Giving Doggo Who Steals Hearts

Returning home to a smiling face and a wagging tail is one of life’s greatest joys, but for Savanna Westerfield, her dog Mango takes it up a notch by showering her with surprises every time she walks through the door.

No matter how rough her day might have been, Westerfield’s 12-year-old Yorkie/dachshund mix, Mango, never fails to bring a smile to her face with a random gift in tow. From toys to socks to even a plastic fork, Mango’s thoughtful gestures never fail to brighten Westerfield’s day.

Describing her furry companion as her “sweet little dog,” Westerfield from Salt Lake City shared,

“She is always so happy to see me when I get home, tail wagging and frantically trying to find something to grab and bring me.”

This habit of Mango’s started around six years ago and has since become an endearing routine that Westerfield cherishes. She couldn’t imagine arriving home without Mango’s special welcome.


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Many dog owners can relate to this charming behavior, as dogs often bring toys or items to their humans upon their return. According to PetMD, this gesture can signal a desire to play, express excitement, or seek attention from their favorite person.

Westerfield has captured Mango’s daily surprises on TikTok, where their bond has captured the hearts of thousands. The videos showcase Mango’s adorable gifts and have garnered praise and admiration from viewers who find her generosity simply heart-melting.

As Westerfield continues to share Mango’s daily surprises with the world, it’s clear that their unbreakable bond and Mango’s thoughtful gestures serve as a reminder of the pure love and joy that dogs bring into our lives.

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