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Tree-Climbing Hero Saves Dozens of Cats in New Jersey

Tree-Climbing Hero Saves Dozens of Cats in New Jersey

In a brave tale of feline rescue, a business owner from New Jersey has become a local hero by using his tree-climbing skills to save nearly a hundred cats stuck in trees.

Steven Murrow, the owner of Tesla Tree Service, has been performing these daring rescues since 2021, despite being allergic to cats.

While his usual work involves tree maintenance and removing hazardous limbs, Murrow always prioritizes the rescue of a furry friend in need.

“Nothing is more important than a spontaneous cat rescue mission,”

he shared.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for animals, so I’m always ready to lend a hand.”

Murrow’s cat-saving journey began when his friends came across a Facebook post about a local cat trapped in a tree for several days.

Source: Fox News

Knowing Murrow’s climbing skills, they reached out to him for help. Without hesitation, he was there the very next morning, ready for the rescue.

And it was a success!

Initially, Murrow used cat carriers attached to his harness for the rescues. However, he has since switched to a more convenient rope bag, which makes maneuvering in the trees much easier.

Thanks to social media, Murrow receives numerous requests for assistance. He emphasized that he never charges for his services and has even traveled up to two hours away to help stranded cats, although most of his missions are within an hour’s drive.

While Murrow and his wife don’t have cats of their own, they are proud owners of an 18-year-old mini-dachshund named Lily. Murrow shared that he recently performed two cat rescues in snowy conditions on January 16.

Source: Fox News

“Both rescues were successful, but the second one had an incredibly touching ending. A week later, we reunited Star with his loving humans!”

Source: Fox News

Murrow excitedly shared.

Steven Murrow’s selfless acts of bravery and compassion have made him a beloved figure in his community. With his tree-climbing skills and a heart full of love for animals, he continues to be a real-life hero for cats in need.

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