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Watch How Bulldog Brings Joyful Interruptions to Owner’s Work-from-Home Routine

Watch How Bulldog Brings Joyful Interruptions to Owner’s Work-from-Home Routine

The pandemic has changed the way we work, with many people adapting to remote work and discovering the benefits of skipping the daily commute.

In fact, a recent LinkedIn poll found that 73 percent of employees felt more productive when working from home. However, not everyone finds it easy to work remotely, and Jo from London, UK, can attest to that, thanks to her English bulldog named Axel.

Ever since Jo brought Axel home as a puppy, she knew he was a special dog.

While Axel is the perfect companion in many ways, he tends to disrupt Jo’s work routine.

“He’s always jumping up on the dining bench to sit next to me,”

Jo explained.

“He puts his head on the table and frequently photobombs my Microsoft Teams calls. He’s even learned to associate the ‘bing’ sound at the end of a Teams call with playtime, and he quickly grabs his ball.”

Recently, Axel found a new adorable way to interrupt Jo’s workday, which was captured in a TikTok video shared under the handle Axel_Bulldog22.

In the video, Jo returns from a bathroom break to find Axel sprawled across her desk, lounging on top of her paperwork.

Partly napping and partly enjoying the sunlight, Axel appears completely unapologetic when caught in the act.

Jo can be heard playfully scolding him, saying, “Really? Who do you think you are? That’s so inappropriate, dog!”

Axel’s antics may be a familiar sight for those working from home with pets, but they bring a much-needed dose of joy and entertainment to Jo’s work routine.

Despite the occasional interruptions, Axel’s adorable presence reminds Jo that work-from-home life can still be filled with delightful surprises.

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