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Baby Bulldogs: Caring for them right

Baby Bulldogs: Caring for them right

English Bulldog puppies, or as we like to call them baby bulldogs, are beautiful dogs. But, they need a lot of care, just like any other puppy! Also, we have to be aware that every breed has its own needs.

For example, we talked about Cane Corso puppies, and said that because of their size they need proper socialization and training. But what about baby Bulldogs? What kind of care do they need?

There are many factors you need to know before getting an English Bulldog, for example, that they belong to the brachycephalic dog breeds. This means they will require additional care. We’ll tell you right away, it’s not easy taking care of them, there’s a lot you need to do to ensure their optimum health. But, if you really love this breed, it’s definitely worth it.

Lastly, the English Bulldog or just Bulldog is accepted by the American Kennel Club.

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Baby Bulldogs – What you need to know

Let’s first learn what these dogs look like, even though we all probably know what they look like.

So, English Bulldogs have a short muzzle and a big head. They have broad shoulders and chest and their limbs are thick and sturdy. We can say that they are overall very chunky, thick dogs.

But, Bulldogs are not only thick, but they are also muscular dogs. They have big cheeks that extend to the sides of their eyes and wrinkly skin. Their upper lip is droopy while their lower jaw is usually undershot. This means that their lower teeth stick out farther than their top teeth.

Another trait that’s interesting about these dogs is that they are very strong. Even their jaws are so strong that they could break your bones with them.

The Bulldog’s fur is short and straight. It’s fine in texture and surprisingly soft. Their coat is also very smooth and shiny. It’s needless to say the English Bulldog has a lot of loose skin. Especially on their head, neck, and shoulders.

Everything you should know about the English Bulldog

When it comes to their personality, Bulldogs are sweet and friendly dogs. They are sociable and love to hang out with their family. We told you that these dogs are strong, but despite that, they don’t like to fight, they want to love and be affectionate.

Bulldogs are friendly and easygoing. But, they can sometimes be stubborn, so training them won’t be easy. They are also a little bit slow. But don’t worry, once they know something, they won’t forget it.

Just like it is with all dogs, the Bulldog Ingles needs early socialization and training. By early socialization, we mean exposure to different people, animals, places, sounds, and so on.

Caring for your baby Bulldog

The first days with your Bulldog baby are important. The dog might be a bit confused at first, maybe even scared, but that’s nothing unusual. It’snoormal for puppies to be afraid of their surroundings at first.

They got separated from their mother and brothers and sisters, they are scared and don’t know what is going to happen. But be patient and consistent, and spend time with them. They need you to be around so that they feel safe.

baby bulldogs
Your new puppy will need a lot of care and attention

Give them lots of attention and time during the first couple of days. Only this way will they settle in and adjust properly. But, we also have some other advice for you.

Bed or crate

It’s important for your new puppy to be comfortable and feel safe. So don’t just put them in a crate and shut the door. Let them sniff around and explore, but only one room. Don’t show them the whole house right away.

It should be one room at a time, so the first room they get to explore, should also be the room where they won’t be able to hurt themselves and where they won’t get overwhelmed.

The next thing you should do is that a comfortable bed or crate will help your puppy adjust. Get your puppy a nice blanket and soft bed. It will help them feel safe and secure right away.

It’s important that you place the bed somewhere quiet so that your baby Bulldogs can sleep in peace. You can also put your puppy’s bed inside a temporarily partitioned area to give it a feeling of security.

The last tip we have for you is to place a hot water bottle near your dog, this could help them stay warm and give them the feeling of safety.

Toys and collars for baby Bulldogs

You want your dog to feel happy, and toys will make them happy! But, chew toys will also keep your dog from chewing on your furniture or shoes. But, you can’t just get any toy. Do your research and find safe dog toys.

Toys that are non-toxic and large enough that your baby Bulldogs don’t swallow them. A Kong can be a great option! Kong toys are famously strong and durable toys. They were initially designed in the 1970s for dogs with “destructive chewing habits.” The classic KONG toy is made from natural red rubber and can be stuffed with KONG’s Easy Treats or other delicious snacks like peanut butter.

Dog owner who loves to cook wonders what to put in a Kong for a puppy
A Kong is a safe dog toy

Now, when it comes to a collar and leash you want to get a soft, well-fitting collar. You also need an identity tag and a training collar and leash.

Diet and exercise

Your puppy’s diet and exercise, and overall well-being and health need to be a priority. You should follow the puppy’s recommended diet provided by your breeder for a couple of days. After that, you can slowly switch to something better. Obviously, you want your puppy’s diet to have all the nutrients, and pay attention to the right amounts of food you give them.

It’s your choice if you’ll give your dog canned food, kibble, or a raw diet. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s just important that they get all the nutrients needed to keep them healthy.

Because we love to give our dogs human food, you should know which human food is safe and which is not.

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And lastly, don’t forget about exercise. Every dog needs exercise to stay healthy. Baby Bulldogs and grown Bulldogs aren’t that energetic and they don’t need crazy amounts of exercise. Just a couple of walks a day will keep them active enough, but won’t tire them out too much.

Baby Bulldogs are great dogs if you take proper care of them. They can give you a lot of love and make you happy.

My name is Jackie and I am a veterinarian with a degree in veterinary medicine. With extensive experience in treating various animals, I am known for my compassionate and personalized approach to animal care.