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Bud’s Thriving Checkup: A Journey of Health and Happiness

Bud’s Thriving Checkup: A Journey of Health and Happiness

In the early chapters of Bud’s life, he faced numerous hardships including harsh weather, hunger, heartworm, and various illnesses.

It took us six months and over $1,000 to bring him from Arkansas to our home, ensuring he received the necessary veterinary care along the way.

Today, it’s time for Bud’s routine blood work and shots, and he handles it all with remarkable stoicism.

When Bud first arrived, he was in a sorry state, but now he has blossomed into a healthy and contented companion.

Source: Bedlam Farm Journal

Dr. Fariello, who initially examined him, marveled at his excellent physical condition—strong heartbeat, ideal weight, and vigorous breathing. According to her, Bud has come a long way from his previous condition.

Bud has become quite accustomed to seeing Dr. Fariello after spending a year or two under her care before joining us.

Once a trembling mess, he now reigns as the Little King of Bedlam Farm alongside his partner-in-crime, Zip. We find solace in knowing that he is robust and thriving.

Bud’s favorite spot is riding shotgun in the center seat, where he can observe the world passing by. At seven years old, he’s starting to slow down a bit.

He enjoys curling up in my lap and dozing off while I watch a mystery. He’s a good-natured and courageous boy, no stranger to veterinary visits.

Next up for her annual check-up is Zinnia, who happens to be more skittish than Bud. She tries to make a quick escape from the vet’s office whenever possible.

Source: Bedlam Farm Journal

On the other hand, Bud remains calm and composed during his needle pricks and bloodwork.

We cannot express enough gratitude towards Dr. Fariello. She has been our trusted veterinarian for years, and we consider her the best in the field.

Alongside her caring and dedicated staff, visiting her clinic feels like being among family. We’re touched that three of Red’s photos adorn her walls. Bringing Bud into our lives has been a rewarding experience, as he is an incredible and loving dog who truly deserves the best.

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