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Golden Retriever Can’t Contain Excitement as Dog Girlfriend Returns

Golden Retriever Can’t Contain Excitement as Dog Girlfriend Returns

When Moose, the lovable Golden Retriever, and Sailor, his canine girlfriend, were finally reunited after two long months apart, their happiness knew no bounds.

Moose has been a cherished companion in Loren Montefusco’s life ever since she started living on her own in South Carolina.

Among the things that Moose adores most is Sailor, a fellow dog who resides in the same complex as Montefusco. The debate about whether dogs can experience emotions like love has been ongoing for years.

Although a study published in the journal Animal Sentience in 2017 concluded that it’s challenging to measure the exact emotions dogs feel, Montefusco firmly believes that dogs are indeed capable of experiencing love.

And when it comes to Moose and Sailor’s relationship, it’s hard not to see it as pure love in action.

The canine couple’s bond grew strong when Montefusco agreed to care for Sailor while her mom, a travel nurse, went to work.

“I had the pleasure of looking after Sailor while also bringing Moose along for playtime,”

Montefusco explained.

In no time, Moose and Sailor became inseparable. They did everything together, from playing fetch and wrestling to engaging in tug of war and chewing sticks.

Their connection was undeniable.

However, a few months ago, it seemed like their paths might diverge. Sailor’s mom had finished her temporary contract and had to search for new work opportunities.

For nearly two months, Moose and Sailor were forced to live apart. But then, a stroke of luck came their way—Sailor’s mom secured another contract and returned to the complex.

Keeping the reunion a secret from Moose, Montefusco orchestrated a romantic moment when the two dogs finally came face to face again.

She captured the emotional encounter on camera and shared it on TikTok under the handle loren_monte.

Describing it as the “best day ever,” the video shows Moose eagerly charging towards the gated exit of the park, while Sailor is led in by her owner.

Once inside, their joy is palpable as they race around, engaging in playful bouts and staying as close as possible. Moose’s expression radiates sheer happiness throughout the clip.

The heartwarming reunion touched the hearts of many on social media. Viewers expressed their desire for a bond like theirs, comparing it to the iconic Nala and Simba moment from Disney’s The Lion King.


the couple is reunited 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 took him a sec to realize who it was hahahhahaha but best day ever for him

♬ original sound – loren

Emotions ran high, with comments like “I’m crying, I’m so happy” and “They would have done the same after just a day apart.”

Sailor’s mom will be working in the area for the next three months, and during that time, Moose and Sailor will be making the most of their precious moments together.

The future may be uncertain, but one thing is for sure—Moose and Sailor’s bond is unbreakable, and they will continue to create cherished memories together.

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