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Corgi Pomeranian Mix: Small And Sassy

Corgi Pomeranian Mix: Small And Sassy

Corgis and Pomeranians are both incredibly cool breeds. Small dogs with big personalities and even bigger hearts! But did you know that there is a crossbreed between these two? The Corgi Pomeranian Mix dog is still waiting for an official name, but until then we have some suggestions. How about the Coranian? Or maybe the Pomgi? Either way, the name could never be as cute as this designer breed is.

Corgis and Pomeranians are small and sassy breed so it’s no wonder that their crossbreed will share these characteristics as well. However, as adorable as they are, they won’t be a good fit for everyone. Especially for people who can’t take a little barking.

If you want to learn more about this adorable designer breed, keep on reading.

How much are Corgi Pomeranian puppies?

The price of a dog highly depends on the demand of the dog breed. However, it’s a bit more complicated when it comes to mix breeds. The Corgi Pomeranian Mix dog breed is pretty rare and unusual, so you’ll have to do some research to find a breeder. The price will depend on your breeder, and the region you live in. But in most cases you will have to pay somewhere between $800–$1,200 for one of these puppies.

However, getting a bargain isn’t the best thing to do when buying a dog. It’s always better to pay a little more, than to purchase from a backyard breeder. Reputable breeders will make sure that the litter is healthy. Another great thing would be if you could meet both of the parents. That way you will make sure that your pup is as healthy as possible.


Corgi Pomeranian Mix dogs can inherit the characteristics of either one of it’s parent breeds, the Corgi or The Pom. That’s why you never really know what you get with crossbreeds. Some will end up looking more like a Corgi, while others will look more like a Pomeranian.

Make sure that you are familiar with all of the possible variations of a Corgi Pom, so that you don’t end up with any unexpected surprises.

However, a few things are still pretty sure when it comes to their appearance. The first one being that this is a small dog breed. Depending on the genes they inherit, they can be tall somewhere between 6 to 12 inches. When it comes to weight, the variety is also pretty big. Smaller Corgi Pom puppies could only weight 15 puppies, while others may even weight 30.

Their coat can also come in many different colors, the most common ones being: Red, sable, fawn, orange, black and tan.

Temperament and Personality

The Corgi Pomeranian mix are smart dogs with a lot of personality and sassiness! They are full of energy, and that’s why it’s so important to keep them active. Corgi Poms also babe strong herding instincts, so smaller pets may end up being herded around the backyard.

Like we already said, these dogs bark A LOT! However, you could train them to bark a bit less if you start early. But once they get into that habit, it will be harder to break.

But even though they have big mouths, their hearts are even bigger. They are affectionate, loyal and unbelievably funny. They can be pretty stubborn, sometimes even snappy — but the good definitely outweighs the bad.


Both of the parent dog breeds have dense double coats. That means that they will shed all year round. Brushing at least twice a week will help you keep this under control.

Occasional trips to the dog salon, and baths at least every two to three weeks are also mandatory.

But don’t forget cleaning your dogs teeth and ears to. And make sure to clip their nails if the groomers at the dog salon don’t do it for you.

Health and Life expectancy

The usual rule is that mix breeds are healthier than their pedigree counterparts. However, on the other hand — there is still a slim chance that they could inherit a disease either one of the parents is prone to.

Pomeranians suffer from luxating patella. This is a medical condition where the kneecap sits outside of it’s normal anatomical position.

The Pom also often suffers from tracheal collapse.
Which basically means that their windpipe is weaker than usual which will result in difficulties breathing.

Corgis are very prone to developing hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy and progressive retinal atrophy.

However, most Corgi Pom puppies will live a long and healthy life, with their life expectancy being between 12 to 16 years.

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