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Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix

Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix

Have you heard about the Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix? This adorable dog breed is also known as the Corgi Aussie or Augies or Auggie puppies. While it seems like this crossbreed is a combination of complete opposites, they still make pretty amazing companions. Just like with every other crossbreed, you never know what exactly you are getting. However, some things are certain.

If you want to learn more about the Aussie Corgi, then keep on reading.

Basic Breed Info

Aussie Corgis may sound like a wild combination, however, these energetic canines could make all your dog dreams come true. Especially if you don’t already have dogs at home. Because they definitely don’t have the easiest time getting along with other canines. However, with the right training and a lot of patience, you could even overcome that.

Just like with every other crossbreed, you can never be a hundred percent certain what you are going to get. The Aussie Corgi Mix can inherit characteristics from either one of their parents. And as his parent breeds are pretty different, there are many variations of this crossbreed.

What’s the price of a Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix?

This crossbreed became increasingly popular lately, so the price became higher as well. You can expect to pay somewhere between $800 and $1,200 for an Aussie Corgi puppy.

That makes them still pretty affordable for how much other designer breeds cost. However, the one thing you don’t want to save money on is a new puppy. Don’t be on the lookout for bargains as you put yourself at the risk of two possible scenarios. If a dog is suspiciously cheap, chances are it’s either a scam, or you are buying from a backyard breeder.

Either way, you are risking either don’t get any dog at all or buy a possibly sick puppy.


While some would say that the Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix is quite a handful, their high energy levels could be the perfect match for you. If you love to be active, enjoy giving your dog a lot of attention, and can deal with a little bit of stubbornness — then they are the dog for you.

They are highly intelligent and loyal to their owners. But they can get a bit clingy, and even develop separation anxiety. Start the socializing process as early as possible, as this crossbreed sometimes has issues with it.


Their high intelligence can be a blessing and a curse when it comes to training them. Because there is a thin line between being smart and being unbelievably stubborn. It’s up to the way you approach your dog, and how early you start the training process. They need a lot of positive reinforcement and praise. Make sure to reward them with treats during the training as well.

Try to start the training as early as possible. Teach him how to interact with others in an appropriate way, either with other people or dogs.

Due to their high intelligence, they love to learn and focus their mind on something. Make sure your dog has always something to do, so he doesn’t fall back to destructive behaviors.

Keep training sessions short yet fun, so it is more like playtime. They enjoy learning, and the time spent teaching them will help develop an unbreakable bond between you and your dog.


In most cases, the coat of these dogs is at a medium length with moderate amounts of shedding. However, you will still have to brush your dog on a daily basis to keep the shedding at a minimum and their coat in tip-top condition.

Baths every two to three weeks would be ideal for Auggie puppies and grown dogs. Of course, don’t forget the occasional visits to the dog salon as well. Many dog owners don’t think about trimming their dog’s nails, brushing teeth, and ear cleaning, but that should be done regularly too.

Health and Conditions

Crossbreed dogs are in most cases healthier than pure breeds. That’s because there is a smaller chance for them to inherit the “unhealthy” genes of each parent. That’s why, generally speaking, the Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix is a pretty healthy dog breed. However, there is still a chance that they inherit a health condition from either one of his parents.

These conditions include hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and obesity. Take your dog to regular checkups at the vet, to make sure your dog is as healthy as possible.

Thankfully, Aussie Corgis or Auggie puppies are generally healthy dogs. Their life expectancy is between 12 and 15 years.

Auggie puppies

Now you know a bit more about Auggie puppies, but where do you get one? It’s not difficult to find Auggie puppies. You can for example check websites like PuppySpot.

You should know that Auggie puppies are very expensive. Even though this is a crossbreed, you’ll still have to pay up to 1000 dollars if you’re buying from a reputable breeder.

But if you don’t want to buy this dog, you can also adopt one! Usually, it’s much cheaper. Because this is a mixed breed you can easily find them in a shelter or a Rescue group for dogs. Just look for a breed-specific shelter or rescue.

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