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Parti Poodle: Complete Breed Info

Parti Poodle: Complete Breed Info

Have you heard of the Parti Poodle? Even if their name sounds like they are big lovers of parties, they aren’t. Well, actually we don’t know that, they might secretly be party animals, but parties are not where they got their name from. In reality, Parti Poodles got their names from their coat color, which is part white, and part black, brown, red or blue. So, they are multi colored Poodles.

Their two-colored coat is what makes these dogs so special. Poodles are usually one color. We are used to seeing solid colored Poodles, to be more precise black and white Poodles. But sometimes, Poodles are born with patches of white over a secondary color. But, don’t confuse them with the Phantom Poodle. A Parti Poodle has a base coat that is in a percentage more than 50 white and a secondary color.

If you own a Parti Poodle you can be sure that your dog is unique and truly one-of-a-kind. Besides being incredibly rare, the patches of white are different on every Parti Poodle. So if you want a dog breed that will make you stand out, Parti Poodles are the way to go. So let’s learn a bit more about them together, shall we?

Parti Poodle – What to know

Now, we know that the Parti Poodle is unique, but are they also more expensive than solid colored Poodles?

The short answer is yes, they are more expensive. And there is a good reason why. Just like with any other breed, high demand means that the price will go up too. The same goes for Parti colored Poodles as well. It’s inevitable.

Many people want a Parti colored Poodle because they are so exotic and unique. So you better prepare yourself that the price will be up there. Depending on the breeder and where you live, you could cash out up to $2,000 for Parti Poodle puppies.

But, before you give a little fortune for a Parti Poodle, you should know that they can’t take part in conformation shows. This doesn’t mean they can’t be registered at the American Kennel Club. You can register them with pre-designated color numbers and you can even show them in obedience and agility events. Just not in conformation shows.

Temperament and Personality

All Poodles are known for their high intelligence and affectionate nature. They will become incredibly attached to their owners. Poodles are in no way low-maintenance, so if you have a busy lifestyle then this isn’t the dog for you.

They require daily exercise and quality time with their owners to stay happy and healthy. If Poodles are left alone with nothing to do they can easily fall into destructive behaviors. While most Poodles are well-mannered and calm dogs, if you don’t train them appropriately and don’t give them enough attention, they can be snappy.

What a Parti Poodle looks like

Poodles are prone to separation anxiety as well, so if you spend a lot of time outside of home, make sure to get a dog sitter. If the anxiety takes them over, your Poodle might bark excessively or even pee inside.

Grooming and nutrition

All Poodles are hypoallergenic. That’s because they don’t shed. Their coat is curly or wavy, so all the hairs that fall out get stuck into each other.

But, your Parti Poodle will still require regular brushing and bathing. And of course, appointments at the dog salon.

Brush your dog’s coat several times a week, and take him to the salon at least once every two months. That way you will keep his beautiful coat in tip-top condition.

Additionally, don’t forget about his teeth, nails and ears as well. Good hygiene will improve your dog’s overall health as well.

Just like with any other dog breed high-quality dog food and a well-balanced will play a huge role in his overall health. Dog owners have to make sure that the portions they feed to their dogs are appropriate for their size and activity levels.

Regularly check your dog’s weight and portion his meals to prevent overeating and obesity.

Health and life expectancy

Generally speaking, all Poodles are healthy dogs. So the same goes for Parti Poodles. But, there are certain diseases that these dogs are prone to.

The most common health issues in Poodles are:

  1. Epilepsy
  2. Patellar luxation
  3. Von Willebrand’s disease
  4. Hip dysplasia
  5. Hypothyroidism
  6. Progressive retinal atrophy
  7. Legg-Perthes disease
  8. Cushing’s disease
  9. Addison’s disease
  10. Bloat

Most Parti Poodles are healthy dogs with a life expectancy of around 14 years. If your Parti Poodle is smaller (Miniature or Toy Poodle) their life expectancy will be even higher. Smaller dogs usually live longer. This rule is true for all breeds or mixes.

The coloring of their coat doesn’t affect their overall health and life expectancy, so the rules are pretty much the same as for other types of Poodles.

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