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Red Poodle: Are they really crazy?

Red Poodle: Are they really crazy?

Poodles can be many different colors. For example, brown, black, and even red! All of them are beautiful, but the red Poodle has something special to it. And they are very rare. You won’t often see a red Poodle.

But, where does the red color come from? And are they any different from other Poodle breed dogs?

Poodles are usually great dogs and pets. They are affectionate and smart. So, is the rare colored Poodle the same? After all, we know that coat color can affect the health of a dog. So, can it affect their personality too?

Let’s find out more about this beautiful color variation together. And let us bust the myth that red poodles are crazy. Now scroll down and learn more about these apricot fluff balls.

Red Poodle – What to know

A red Poodle is a purebred Poodle. And they look exactly like every other Poodle and they have the same character too. So, there is no difference there. They are also recognized by the AKC.

According to experts, the unusual red color comes from a recessive gene that darkens the apricot or brown color of a Poodle’s fur. This gene is called the “Rufus” gene. This gene makes the brown coat appear in a shade of red. Red standards are usually apricot. It’s also interesting that an apricot female is more common.

red poodle
The demand for red Poodles is very high

Just like any other Poodle, this one too comes in three sizes too, miniature, toy, and standard.

Besides their auburn coat, these Poodles also have dark eyes, black noses. In some cases the poodle’s coat can even have black points mixed with the shade of red.

FUN FACT: The red color in Poodles became official in 1980.

But, where do they come from? What’s the history of the red Poodle?


Breeders created the red variation. But this took a lot of time. And the person who is behind this rare shade is called Ilse Konig.

As mentioned, it was a very long process before the red Poodle came to life. It took many years for breeders to get to the Poodle standard, but with the red coat color.

On the first tries, they didn’t get the size they wanted. In the next couple of tries, they realized the puppies didn’t have the Poodle personality.

But, in the end, they managed to get the perfect red version.

So, how rare are they? Obviously, we know now that these Poodles are rare. But how rare are they really? Well, depends on what you mean by rare. In the care of this Poodle, the demand is very high.

Everyone wants their Poodle to be red. But the problem is that breeders can’t deliver. And even if you manage to get your hands on one. Be sure that there is a long waiting time until you actually get your puppy.

They are crazy?

When doing research for this text I read that many people believe that these Poodles are crazy. At first, that didn’t make much sense to me, so I read more. And here’s what I found out.

Red Poodles are not crazy. The coat color of the Poodle doesn’t change their personality. That was maybe the case back in the ’80s when they were still trying to create red Poodles. But, breeders perfected this Poodle. They got to a point where there is no difference between brown Poodles, black poodles, or red ones.

red poodle
Red poodles are definitely not crazy

Why people might think this is not the Poodle’s fault. It can be a result of bad breeding practices. Some breeders don’t care about the puppies’ well-being and development. So, some of these poor canines can have problems with brain development. Because of this they can act a bit crazy and be out of control. But hey, who doesn’t? Like seriously?!

But, if you get your red Poodle from a good breeder then you can expect them to be loyal, alert, and smart. And not crazy at all. At least not that much.

How much they cost

Standard Poodles usually cost between $600 – $1500 for standard poodles and $1000 – $2000 for toy and miniature poodles.

But, how much does red variation cost, is there any difference there? The truth is — there is!

Red Poodles can cost a bit more than other colored Poodles. There is a high demand for them, so Breeders will usually ask for more money. But, don’t worry they don’t cost that much more than other colored Poodles.

Standard red Poodles can cost you anywhere between $800 to $1500. On the other hand, miniature and toy sizes cost a bit more. They can cost anywhere between $1000 to $2000.

But don’t be surprised if the breeders in your area want more for them.


Red Poodles are standard Poodles. They have the same personality and appearance, with the difference that they are red! So, when you get a red Poodle, you’re getting a loyal and loving dog. You’re also getting a smart canine that is easy to train and can learn pretty much any trick and command. You probably already know how intelligent poodles are. So brace yourself for the highest IQ you ever witnessed in a dog. And make sure to train your pup, because they can become stubborn.

Many people think these Poodles are crazy. The truth is they are not crazy, but they can have brain development problems. Because the demand for them is so high some breeders turn to questionable ways in getting more red Poodle puppies.

They don’t care about the dogs, their health, or their development. So, they are not crazy, but their brain might not be developed enough. Because of which they tend to act weird.

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