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Pitbull Poodle Mix: Can’t get weirder than this

Pitbull Poodle Mix: Can’t get weirder than this

I’ve written about many hybrid dogs. And I thought I’ve heard it all. Husky Pug Mix, Beagle Chihuahua Mix even a Pitbull Beagle Mix. But I’ve never heard of a Pitbull Poodle Mix! Have you?

Don’t worry if you haven’t. You’re about to learn everything about the weird-looking Boodle.

Now, I don’t want to judge anyone. There is no issue in liking this hybrid. But it seems like an impossible match.

But, let’s see how these dogs are.

Pitbull Poodle Mix

The Pitbull Poodle Mix kind of looks like an old man to me. Take a look at a picture of it. Do you agree?

Anyways, the Boodle is a medium-sized dog. They are very loyal, smart, and easy to train. However, they also tend to be a bit aggressive. But more on that later.


The Boodle is a designer dog that was created in hopes it would be easier to train than its parents. In theory, the Boodle has all the best qualities of a Pitbull and a Poodle.

But, in reality, it doesn’t always work that way. With a mixed breed, you don’t know what you’re getting. Your puppy can have more traits of the Standard Poodle or the Pitbull.

But, generally, this is how Boodles’ nature is described.

Boodles are intelligent dogs that learn quickly. They will master any trick or command you teach them. Pitbulls have the reputation of being aggressive. But it doesn’t have to be like that with the Boodle. If you socialize your dog from early on, you shouldn’t have any problems.

This designer dog is very protective of its family. Especially children. So if anyone attacks you, even jokingly, they will protect you.

This is why it’s important to really work with your Pitbull Poodle Mix. Teach them obedience, teach them commands. It’s important that they listen to you.

The Boodle has many great traits from the Poodle too. For example, they are alert, active, and instinctual.

As you can see Boodles are great dogs, with a bad reputation. But they don’t have to live up to it. Socialize your dog while they are still a puppy. And you won’t have any problems when it grows up.

pitbull poodle mix
Boodles are intelligent dogs that learn quickly

How they look like

The Pitbull Poodle Mix weighs between 40 and 70 pounds, and they are 18 to 24 inches tall. As already said, they are medium sized dogs with a dense, single coat. Not a double coat.
Their coat comes in different colors:

  • black,
  • fawn,
  • white,
  • tan,
  • brindle,
  • blue,
  • grey,
  • silver,
  • cafe-au-lait,
  • cream,
  • brown

Besides this, they can have coats that are only one color. Or they can also have a coat with multiple colors. For example, a mix of two or three colors. Most commonly they will have a curly coat, just like their Poodle parent.

What’s great is that they shed minimally. So they are hypoallergenic dogs.


Grooming is easy when you have a Boodle! This is because you don’t need to brush them often. Brushing them every two or three times a week will be enough! This is because they don’t have a double coat. So they won’t matt easy.

Don’t bathe them too often either. Give your dog a bath every three to four months. If they aren’t dirty or smell, of course.

What we often forget is brushing our dog’s teeth. Brush your dog’s teeth regularly. Even if you’re giving them chew treats.

As you can see, they are easy to take care of. So you shouldn’t have issues with that.

Feeding and Diet

To make sure that your dog is at it’s best health, you should always invest in high quality dog food.

The amount of food you give him depends on his size and age. But on average an adult Pit Boodle should be fed 2 to 3 cups of premium dog food daily.

Always look carefully at what nutrients your dog is intaking. This way, you’ll know better whether you’re underfeeding your dog or overfeeding it.

The Poodle Pitbull mix is prone to obesity. So make sure that you aren’t giving him more food than he requires. That will highly improve his overall health.

Training and Exercise

Your Pitbull Poodle mix should be trained from an early age. That way you will make sure that your puppy becomes the perfect family companion. It may be a bit tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier. But in addition to that, you can also consider hiring a professional dog trainer.

When training your pup, always use positive reinforcement. That will form your dog into a happy, loyal and loving dog.

Just like with any other Pitbull mixes, the Pit Boodle is also a very active canine. They need a lot of exercise and outdoor time.

This will depend on each dog but you should make sure you can exercise your pup at least 45 minutes per day. Keep in mind that Pit Boodles are only at their best when exercised enough.


Just like with other mixed breed dogs, the Pit Boodle could be pretty hard to find. That’s why the price can get pretty up there.

Reputable breeders could charge you anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 for a Pit Boodle puppy. However, when buying a puppy you definitely shouldn’t be looking for a bargain. It’s important to make sure that the parent breed dogs are of good health. That way the overall health of your puppy will be better too.

Plus, your expenses don’t end there. You will also have to pay extra for grooming, premium dog food, and of course — the visits to the vet.


The Pitbull Poodle mix is a healthy dog. But just like any mix they can have certain health issues.

This doesn’t mean your dog will get sick. You just need to make sure to feed them a healthy diet and let them have enough physical activity. Also, regular vet visits and check-up are important too.

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