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Beagle Poodle Mix: The sweetest dog of all

Beagle Poodle Mix: The sweetest dog of all

Poodles and Beagles are among the most popular dog breeds. They are kind and smart. So it’s no wonder people love them. But what if we combine those two? How would a Beagle Poodle Mix be like?

Poogle, Beaglepoo, Beagledoodle, or even a Beapoo. are names for the same designer dog. The Beagle Poodle mix. But what is this dog like? You might have heard about them, but not much is known about them.

Before you get a Poogle it’s important to do research. You should know what they are like.

With Poodle mixes there is the belief that they are like toys. Like a big brown teddy. But, Poodles have a lot of energy. And so does the Beagle.

So it’s very important to get to know the mix or breed you’re buying or adopting. Let’s see what the Poogle is like.

Beagle Poodle Mix – The Poogle

The Poogle is a new breed. So we can’t know for sure how they will be like. But of course, we can look at the parent breeds and create an idea.

With designer dogs, you can’t pick and choose. Fact is, they are going to be a combination of both parent breeds. But no one can tell you how that will look like.

Your Poogle can look more like the Beagle parent, or like the Poodle parent. So be prepared for either outcome.

How the Poogle is like

The Poogle is a sweet dog. They are always happy, no matter what. We can learn a lot from them. They are fun and playful and don’t take anything too seriously. Poogles are always looking for a game to play and will try to make you smile. You will have to play with them and keep them entertained. Otherwise, you might need new furniture.

Poogles also love attention. If you don’t shower them with attention, they will become sassy and little divas.

But, you’re also getting a loyal companion. A true friend who will always be there for you. And they expect the same from you. Poogles hate being left alone. So make sure someone is always around them.

They are cuddle monsters. The Beagle Poodle mix loves affection. They love to love!

Poogles aren’t only kind to you, but to strangers too! They will be friendly and nice to everyone. But, that doesn’t mean they aren’t wary of people. If they sense someone is coming to your house, they will let you know. Very loudly!

Just like their Beagle parent, Poogles are quite stubborn. But, thanks to their Poodle parent, they are much easier to train than just the Beagle.

All in all, they are great dogs.

What they look like

We know how Poodles look like. We also know how Beagles look like. But what does the combination of those look like? They maybe look different than you think.

But then again, every Poogle can look differently. Even every puppy in the same litter won’t look the same.

They can look more like the Poodle parent. Or they can even look more like their Beagle parent.

beagle Poodle mix
The coat of a Poogle is usually one color, but it can also be a combination of two or three colors

Poogles can be of different sizes. Depending on how big the Poodle parent was. Was the poodle a regular size, a Moyen poodle, or a mini Poodle.

But, a general rule is that Poogles wil be around 11 and 15 inches tall, and weigh between 15 and 25 pounds.

So, the Poogle is a small to medium sized dog. They have large round, dark eyes and and longer ears.

Their coat is usually curly, but it can also be straight. They shed a lot less than a Beagle. But they aren’t really hypoallergenic like a purebred Poodle. If the Poogle has fur like their Beagle parent, then they need only one brushing a week. But, if they have curly fur like their Poodle parent then they need to be brushed every other day.

Usually they are only one color, but they can also have two or three colors. The colors include:

  • black
  • cream
  • red
  • apricot
  • brown
  • silver


To be healthy the Poogle needs one hour of exercise daily. They are very sporty so you can take them on hikes, runs and also long walks.

They are very intelligent dogs, so they learn easily. However, they are also stubborn. So this might be a problem when teaching them tricks and commands.

Poogles are healthy dogs with a life expectancy of 10 to 16 years. Generally speaking there are no major health issues you need to worry about.

But, it ispossible that they suffer from:


The Beagle Poodle mix is a great dog with a moderate level of maintenance. They are not as needy ar for example the Beagle Husky Mix.

Poogles are loyal companions and are fun to be around. There won’t be a dull moment with them.

They also make amazing family dogs because they get along with children great. They also get along with other pets. Of course, early socialization is key. So if they are exposed to other animals from early on, you shouldn’t have a problem.

If you like this designer dog, but don’t want to pay around $700 for a puppy. Then you can check out your local shelter. You might find a Beagle Poodle Mix.

I know that all of this information is vague. But unfortunately I can’t tell you how exactly your Beagle Poodle Mix puppy will look like or act like. Not even the puppies in one litter have to look the same or behave the same. Some can have one color. Other a mix of two or three color. A few puppies can have curly fur. Another can have straight fur. Some puppies might be shy, other outgoing.

There is no rule. You simply never know.

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