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Lemon Beagle: Facts you didn’t know!

Lemon Beagle: Facts you didn’t know!

Have you heard of Maymo the Lemon Beagle? You probably have, or you’ve seen one of his pictures or videos. Maymo is very popular on the Internet because of his unique color. Despite being a Beagle, his coat is very pale. But how is that possible? Where do Lemon Beagles like Maymo come from?

The first thing you should know is that the Lemon Beagle is not a separate breed, they are purebred Beagles but with a different coat color.

Something else you should know is that Lemon Beagles are actually born as white puppies, but their coat changes as they develop and grow up over time.

But, there are so many other interesting facts about Lemon Beagles we’ll talk about in this article!

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Lemon Beagle – What there is to know

Lemon Beagles are just a color variation of Beagles. While Beagles are generally “tri-color”, that is, black, white, and tan, the Lemon Beagle is white and yellow in color.

But, remember they are not Albino! Some people think that Lemon Beagles are Albino, but they definitely aren’t. Albino Beagles are extremely rare and do not have any pigmentation on any part of their body. Meaning they have pink eye rims, noses, and lips! Lemon-colored Beagles have dark noses, eye rims, and lips.

But where do they come from? Well, sadly we have no idea where the Lemon Beagle comes from!

In fact, we don’t even know where the Beagle comes from or how they were developed! The truth is they were bred so long ago that it’s hard to pinpoint when they became a distinct breed.

Many people believe that the history of the Beagle began as early as the 11th century and that they originate from the Northern Hound and Southern Hound.

All about the Beagle dog breed

Northern Hounds came from Normandy (France). These white dogs came to England with William the Great in 1066. The Southern Hounds on the other hand were used for hunting in the south of France.

Now, the Beagle was most likely created by crossing Northern Hounds with Southern Hounds. Northern Hounds were very run-friendly and persistent dogs. The Southern Hounds are particularly popular because of their very good sense of smell.

The most interesting facts

With all of that being said, let’s dive into all the Lemon Beagle facts!

They cost more money

Lemon Beagles are more expensive than standard Beagles. If you want to get a Lemon Beagle know that their piece is between $1,000 and $1,500. The more common-colored Beagles usually cost between $800 – $1,300, which is obviously lower than the Lemon Beagle’s price range. Now, you should also know that this is only an estimate. The price of both colors can be lower or higher than that. It all depends on the breeder you’re getting your puppy from, the area you live in, and even the puppy’s parents. So, take this information with a grain of salt

They are recognized by kennel clubs!

Dogs that have colors that aren’t the breed standard usually aren’t recognized by any kennel club, especially not the American Kennel Club. But that’s not the case with Lemon Beagles! The white and lemon color of the Beagle is actually recognized and accepted! So, these dogs can participate in shows and you can register them! Also, Lemon Beagles are the lightest color of all the 11 recognized color variations. If that’s not enough proof these dogs are purebred, then what is?

There are many shades of “lemon”

No breeder can tell you what shade of “lemon” your puppy will be. Reputable Beagle breeders will always point out that lemon-colored Beagle puppies can inherit other colors from their parents.

So, what does that mean? Well, it basically means that the color of your adult Beagle can range:

  • pure white
  • lemon pied
  • light lemon white
  • liver lemon
  • red

And that’s not even it, other variations are possible as well! Now, you can compare this to humans a bit. For example, when I tell you my friend has naturally blonde hair, you don’t know what shade that could be. They could be strawberry blond, dirty blond, and many more shades of blond.

They come in two sizes

The Lemon Beagle can be two different colors. But, in general, they are classified as small hound dogs. But, every Beagle and Lemon Beagle owner will tell you that these dogs might be small, but they have a huge personality!

Now, we want to be honest. There isn’t really any size difference between the Lemon Beagle and regular colored Beagles.

With both colors, female dogs will be a bit smaller. Females are usually between 13 and 15 inches tall and weigh between 20 to 22 pounds. Males are a bit larger with 13 to 16 inches in height and weighing between 22 and 24 pounds.

Besides that, there is a pocket beagle variety that stands at under 13 inches.


The Lemon Beagle is just a Beagle with lighter coat color, it’s a color variety to this popular breed! There is absolutely no difference in temperament or looks, besides their color. But, we do have to say that this color variation is very rare, so you won’t come across many! And if you want one, you really have to do a lot of research to see which breeder might have or have lemon puppies.

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