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Corgi with tail: Are they born with tails?

Corgi with tail: Are they born with tails?

Have you ever seen a Corgi with a tail? It’s a rare sight, definitely. But have you ever wondered if this breed is naturally born without a tail, or are they born with tails? Actually, Corgis have tails. At least by nature.

There are two types of Corgis. We have the Cardigan corgis and the Pembroke corgis. Now, Cardigan Corgis usually have tails, while the more popular Pembroke Corgi doesn’t have a tail. Both breeds should have one. But the tail of the Pembroke gets docked when they are just three days old.

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Corgi with tail – What to know about tail docking

How come there is a Corgi with a tail and a Corgi without a tail? Well, it has to do with breeding standards. According to the American Kennel Club, the Cardigan Corgi can have a tail because it’s part of their breeding standard. However, the Pembroke Corgi can’t have a tail by the breeding standard. That’s why their tails have to be docked or to put it bluntly cut off. This is also because around two-thirds of all Pembroke Corgis are actually born without a tail.

Let’s talk more about this breeding standard. There was a time when the Corgis was a herding dog. Which is why their tails had to be cut off. It was simply a liability for the dog. Because all Corgis had their tails docked, it became part of that standard look. So, today, even though the Corgi isn’t doesn’t herd cattle anymore, the standard stuck around.

Does tail docking hurt?

Docking a Corgi is nothing new, but it’s that people are becoming more aware of it. And more and more people are speaking up against it. It’s a controversial topic, not only in the United States, but in the whole world. In some countries, it’s even illegal.

A lot of people consider this deed pointless and compare it to torture. After all, it must hurt the dogs, right?

Well, you should also know that anesthesia isn’t used during this procedure either. Which makes it even worse. But many people claim that it doesn’t hurt the puppies at all, while others disagree.

But, let’s see what the AKC says about it:

“Tail docking (is) performed shortly after birth when the puppy’s nervous system is not fully developed. As a result, the puppy feels little to no pain, and there are no lasting negative health issues. Some lawmakers have sought to require anesthesia for these procedures. However, since they are performed so soon after birth, anesthesia should not be required, as this could be life-threatening for the young puppy. Waiting until they are old enough to handle anesthesia would actually result in a more painful and traumatic procedure.”

As you can see, they claim it doesn’t hurt the dog at all! But, many people say their puppies cried for days after they had their tails cut off.

And, if you take into consideration that docking a puppy’s tail involves cutting through muscles, tendons, as well as severing bone and cartilage connections, it’s hard to believe it isn’t painful.

Short tails

When you see a Corgi with tail, but their tail is short, don’t immediately assume that it’s cut. Some Corgis are born with a short tail. It can be a bobtail too.

A bobtail is an animal’s natural tail, but it’s short because of a mutated gene. It simply grows short, or in some cases doesn’t grow at all.

The gene that produces natural bobtails is an autosomal dominant gene. Only one parent has to carry this gene, for the puppies to also have short tails. But, if both parents have it, and if an embryo receives two copies of the bobtail gene, the puppy will not make it. It will die.

Conclusion: Should you dock Corgi tails?

In conclusion, there are many Corgis that are actually born with a full, fluffy tail. But sadly it doesn’t fit the AKC standard and it has to go. Now, it’s always up to the owner if they want to do that or not. Some people are completely against this procedure, while others want it done.

But, many people agree, it’s a scary procedure no dog should endure. It’s painful and isn’t important for the dog’s overall health.

Now, should you buy dogs from the AKC if they insist on this procedure? It depends on what you want. If you want to show your dog in dog shows, then you will have to do it. If not, then think twice about it.

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