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Dog bike seat: Everything to know before buying

Dog bike seat: Everything to know before buying

Taking your dog on a bike ride with you is a great way to bond and spend time with your dog. If you own a larger breed a bike ride can also turn into an exercise session. However, with smaller breeds, one problem occurs. Your dog can’t run along with you while you’re on your bike. You need a dog bike seat or something else on which you can put your dog while on the bike.

Now, in the last couple of weeks, we’ve covered different bike attachments for your dog. For example, the dog bike leash, dog carriers for bikes, as well as dog carts for bikes.

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But, what if these aren’t really for you. Maybe you want a real bike seat for your dog. Truth be told finding a real dog bike seat wasn’t easy. There are so many baskets, trailers, leashes and so on. But there’s only one bike seat.

In this article, we’re going to tell you all the good things and the bad things about the Buddyrider Bicycle Pet Seat, the only bike seat we could find that is intended for dogs.

Dog Bike Seat – Buddyrider Bicycle Pet Seat

The Buddyrider Bicycle Pet Seat is actually a very unique dog carrier for bikes. There’s nothing like it on the market.

According to the manufacturer here’s what makes this pet seat so special:

“The Buddyrider Bicycle Pet Seat has a very special design because it has an integrated safety harness. This harness ensures your pet can sit comfortably and safely in the center of the bike.”

That’s exactly why this pet seat is so special. On other bike attachments, like pet carriers or bike baskets, your dog sits in front of the handlebars.

General info

The Buddyrider Bicycle Pet Seat is designed for smaller dogs that weigh up to 13.5kg or 30lbs.

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The great thing about this dog bike seat is that it’s super easy to attach to any bike. Including folding and electric bicycles!

Buddyrider dog bike seat
The Buddyrider Bicycle Pet Seat is designed for smaller dogs that weigh up to 13.5kg or 30lbs

According to the manufacturer when the Buddyrider is mounted under the saddle.

“It provides a good balance for you, and your dog will feel secure as your arms go around your pet.”

Downsides of the Buddyrider

The first downside of the Buddyrider is that you can’t attach it if you have a fiber bike seat post. In that case, you have to replace it with an aluminum or steel seat post.

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Another downside is the cost of the Buddyrider. Depending on where you buy it, it can cost between 170 and 190 dollars. Which is a pretty hefty price for a dog bike seat!

Also, please be aware that there are certain risks, just like with any other bike attachment. So please, wear protective gear helmet and gloves etc., at all times. Also, make sure your pet is secured in the seat at all times using the safety harness provided.


There are mixed reviews about the Buddyrider. While some people love it, others aren’t really as happy with it.

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One of the major issues many smaller women face is that the dog bike seat doesn’t fit on their bike, or that they simply can’t reach the handles of the bike.

dog bike seat review
Some people aren’t completely happy with the Buddyrider dog bike seat

Other people say that it’s a bit difficult to install and that it takes two people to load and unload the dog.

Some people have had certain issues with the bike seat

However, the general verdict is that the Buddyrider is a great bike seat for your dog! They claim it’s very secure, stable, and safe. People also agree that it’s an amazing invention that brings a lot of fun.

So if you love bike rides but would like to enjoy them with your beloved pup, then the Buddyrider might be the perfect bike seat for you!

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