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Dog training vest: Why it’s so important

Dog training vest: Why it’s so important

Training is crucial for all dogs, but there is one group of canines that wouldn’t be able to do their jobs if they didn’t get the proper training. Do you already know which group of canines we are talking about? Service dogs! Without the right training, service dogs would be simply pets. But, the training, they also need the right dog training vest. But why is a dog training vest important?

Once you or a professional starts training a service dog the need to distinguish them from pets arises. People love dogs, that’s no secret. We also love walking up to a strange dogs and start petting them. Most of the time we don’t even ask for permission from the owner. Now, this doesn’t have to be an issue necessarily, but when it comes to service dogs it is a big problem.

Curious dog lovers will walk up to any dog, if they do this to a service dog in training, it can distract the dog and all the progress could be lost. They could also deconcentrate the dog so that they forget to do their job.

This is why it’s smart to get a dog in a training vest. In this article, we’ll explain why getting your service dog in training a dog training vest is very important, and we will show you where you can get one!

Dog training vest – Why your canine needs one

A dog in a training vest is a dog training suit. Just like you would put on athleisure to go to the gym or for a run, your dog needs a training vest to start training! When you put a training vest on your dog, he knows he´s in working mode. Dog’s are animals that rely on habits like no other pet. They actually require a routine to function, to know what to do. And a training vest should become routine for your canine.

In a high-activity setting, it’s easy for a dog to become distracted, and the additional attention aimed at the dog from the public doesn’t help the dog focus. These vests not only prepare the dog for work, but also alert the public that the dog has a duty to accomplish and that he must direct his attention to his handler.

We do understand that most dogs aren’t intended to be working dogs, but that doesn’t mean your dog shouldn’t be wearing a training vest. Your dog is working for you, be it only behaving when on a leash and not pulling on it. For a dog, that is also work.

The problem is that a huge number of dogs lack obedience in high-value circumstances. This is because they constantly receive attention from others. People keep coming up to them and distracting them, so the dog can´t even do the basic tasks they should be doing, like not pulling on its leash.

Their vest is their uniform

That’s where a vest comes in handy. Your dog should wear a training vest in public places because it will remind them that they are working, and shouldn’t let anything distract them. Once you put the vest on your dog treat them as though they are at work. This means, don’t encourage them to socialize with other dogs or people. Don’t let them take toilet breaks, or run around/play while wearing their vest. 

Now, we know that this sounds a bit radical, but if you want a well-behaved dog that will stay focused even in public, it’s also critical to be consistent in wearing the vest. Your dog needs to understand that when their vest is on, it means it’s time to work. Imagine it like this, it’s as we do when we put on a uniform for work. If you stay consistent your dog will learn that when the vest is removed, they are free to be a dog and do anything they want to play with other dogs, pee, poop, meet strangers, get pets, and so on.

Dog in training vest sets boundaries for people

Another reason why a training vest is a good idea is because of other people. Most people are deterred from approaching a dog and invade the dog’s space without asking if he is wearing a dog in training vest. The best part is that you can customize your dog’s vest with a variety of patches. Some people will put  “Do not pet” on their dog’s vest in bold orange letters, some will put “In training” on their dog’s vest.  That way, when a dog is approached by a person or dog, the owner can choose whether to have their dog interact with the human or dog. It also preserves your dog’s space and stops others from invading your dog’s space.

A little known fact is that a dog training vest can also be a great conversation starter. Humans are curious, when we see a dog with a “in training vest” we feel tempted to ask the owner what the dog is in training for.

In general, the vest is an excellent dog training tool. It creates conversations, discourages strangers from stroking your dog without asking, and gives your dog structure when you’re out and about!

Where to buy the best dog training vests

Now you know why a training vest might be a good idea for all dogs, and not only service dogs. But, the question ow is where to get the best dog training vests? The answer is Amazon! Sure, you can buy a dog vest from the pet shop or companies that specialize in making dog training vests. But, Amazon has great and most importantly affordable options.

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We´ll mention just a couple, but please remember to take a good look at the size chart, so the vest really fits your dog. Also, it might not be an easy decision which vest to get, but your top consideration should be the training level you and your dog is into.

Doggie Stylz dog in training vest

Our clear winner is this service dog in training vest. It is not only durable but also incredibly safe. Thanks to its well-visible signs, nylon handle for handling, reflective strips for visibility at night, and easy-snap clasp. It’s also perfect for larger size dogs.

The reflective patch that reads “service dog in training” can be removed, allowing your dog to wear this harness outside work hours! The huge 2-inch quick-release buckle makes this vest simple to put on and take off for all owners.

It’s a fitted vest that comes with reflective removable patches on each side of the harness. The entire chest strap is reflective and the harnesses entire trim is reflective for your dog’s safety. The entire chest strap is reflective and the harnesses entire trim is reflective for your dog’s safety and it´s comfortable to your dog’s chest.

The handle on top gives you extra control in all situations. It is designed with durable two-inch nylon. The underside, or belly strap, is made of neoprene which adds reinforcement and guards against abrasions as few materials do. A stainless steel heavy-duty D-ring is located on top of the vest, so you can easily attach your leash.

The entire harness is double stitched to add strength for all activities. Two adjustable straps to assure custom fit, specifically any dog. The two-inch easy snap release buckle makes this vest the easiest to put on and take off.

Industrial Puppy Service Dog Vest with Hook and Loop Straps

This is one of the best service dog vests out there. On each side of the harness, there are reflective patches that can be removed. For your dog’s safety, the entire chest strap is reflective, as is the harness’s entire trim. The top handle gives the operator more control in every situation. It’s made of two-inch nylon that’s tough and long-lasting.

The underside is constructed of neoprene, which adds strength and protects against abrasions in a way that few other materials can. For easy access to your leash, a stainless steel heavy-duty D-ring is situated on the top of the harness. To increase strength for all activities, the entire harness is double stitched. There are two adjustable straps to ensure a unique fit for your dog and a sturdy handle and good grip ensure that your dog can’t run away. This harness is the easiest to put on and take off thanks to the two-inch easy snap release buckle and harness ring.

Removable patches mean you need only one lightweight, certified harness for everything from grocery shopping to doctor visits. Suitable for all breeds such as Chihuahuas , Poodles, German Shepherds etc.

This vest is a full wear package!

Voopet Emotional Support Dog Vest

This vest is ideal for those who use their dog as an emotional support animal (ESA) but it can also be used for any training level. The vest delivers on its promises with wide, readily adjustable straps, luminous stripes for visibility at night, and a variety of color options. Depending on whether your dog is an ESA or a trained service animal, it’s critical to get the appropriate signage, so make sure you have the suitable harness for him!

With a visible signage and available in a variety of colors, you may choose the one that best matches your dog’s personality. This collar uniformly distributes leash pressure across your dog’s chest and shoulders, preventing him from being choked if he abruptly pulls – especially vital for puppies.

This large dog harness has an adjustable dog collar strap and chest slide strap that can be custom sized for your dog, easily adaptable to a variety of medium-large dogs. Perfect for daily walking, running, jogging, hiking, training, working outdoor fun time. It also comes in various colors.

Training vests for you

Let’s talk about a different training vest. A vest for you! When you’re training your dog you need a high quality vest that is preferably made out of comfortable mesh fabric? Why? Well, so you can keep everything at hand, all of your training essentials!

Training vests for humans have a number of pockets where you can put in all your necessities for dog training, like treats! It has a big pocket, internal pocket, zipper pockets, lower pockets, and plenty of space for all of your important items and personal belongings. You can even get a special version with a detachable inner pocket! My point, a vest gives you plenty of storage space for whatever you might need when training your dog. Basically, it gives you a free hand by actually keeping your hands free.

Another bonus is that the rings and clips around this training apparel make for easy attachment of accessories needed when working out with your dog ensuring the best results in training!

Obviously, you need to care of your vest and make sure you wash it according to instructions. A little back story, a couple of years ago I got a super expensive dog training vest. It had a thousand pockets and I loved wearing it. But, one day, my husband decided to do the laundry. I believe I don’t need to explain what happened. I ended up throwing that thing out… The vest, not my husband. Even though I wanted to throw him out too.

Now, we know that a vest for you or your dog isn’t necessary, but it makes training easier and your training goals attainable. We hope this article gave you enough information why a dog training vest is a good idea!

My name is Jackie and I am a veterinarian with a degree in veterinary medicine. With extensive experience in treating various animals, I am known for my compassionate and personalized approach to animal care.