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Great Dane Pitbull Mix: The attention seeker

Great Dane Pitbull Mix: The attention seeker

Great Danes and Pitbulls are large dogs with big hearts. But what if we mix those two? How would the Great Dane Pitbull Mix be like?

The Greate Danebull is a designer dog. So, we don’t know for sure how they are. But, we can get an idea when looking at both parent breeds.

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American Pitbull Terriers are devoted and loving dogs. And they are full of energy. The Great Dane is friendly and patient. This means the Great Danebull can only be an amazing dog, right?

Well, that’s what we’re going to find out!

Great Dane Pitbull Mix – Breed Info

Not everything about the Great Danebull is good. So, we’ll take a closer look at hot this mixed breed is like. There are many things we can learn about these dogs.

What they are like

You never know for sure how a hybrid dog will be like. But, we can say that the Great Danebull is generally a sweet and gentle dog. This is because both the parent breeds are that too. They might seem intimidating, but they are very sweet.

They probably will be attention seekers too. These dogs love to be the center of attention. And they love praise! They hate being away from their humans. So if you’re out of the house a lot, then the Great Dane Pitbull mix might not be a fit for you.

Great Danebulls love to cuddle and are very affectionate. So, get ready for a lot of love!

Of course, none of this will apply if you don’t socialize your dog. And treat them right.

The Great Danebull makes a great family dog. But, remember they are very large dogs. So you’ll need a big house and a big yard too!

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But, generally, these dogs love children. They are gentle and love to play. Just make sure you teach your child how to behave with the dog. Teach them that riding around on the dog, pulling its ears or tail is not acceptable.

Both the parent breeds are very intelligent. And they are eager to please. So, training the Great Dane Pitbull mix shouldn’t be difficult. But, one tip we can give you is to use positive reinforcement.

What they look like

The Great Dane Pitbull mix is between 24 and 28 inches tall. They weigh between 60 and 90 pounds.

Their coat is smooth and short. It’s also straight and very dense. They shed quite a bit, but not as much as for example Huskies or German Shepherds.

The shedding of the Great Dane Pitbull mix will get worse in spring and autumn. So, grooming and brushing are a must.

Their coat can be of different colors. It can be a combination of two or more colors or just one single color.

Their coat can be:

  • black
  • red
  • white
  • brown
  • tan
  • blue
  • grey
  • brindle


Mixed breeds are usually very healthy. This is because during breeding the risk of illnesses is lowered. But, there are certain health problems that are possible:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Heart problems
  • Bloat

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The Great Dane’s life expectancy is between 7 and 10 years. The American Pitbull Terrier’s life expectancy is between 12 and 15 years. With the mix of those two, we don’t really know for how long they will live. But, an estimate is that the life expectancy of Great Danebulls is between 10 to 12 years.

Activity level

The Great Dane Pitbull mix is a very active dog. Their energy levels are super high. So they also need a lot of exercise and room!

The Greatdanebull needs a lot of space to play. So, they need a big house and a big yard. That’s where they will spend most of their time!

Don’t get this designer dog if you live in a small apartment. They will only be miserable.

As for exercise needs. This mix needs one to two hours of exercise a day. So, get them a frisbee or a soccer ball and go outside with them. They will be the happiest dog ever!


To conclude, the Great Dane Pitbull is a great dog. They are attention seekers. But, they have amazing personalities. Besides this, they are great family dogs too! Of course, this is a mixed breed, so they aren’t recognized by the American Kennel Club.

But, don’t forget, they are very large and need a lot of space. And they require a lot of exercise. So, if you don’t like being active, then this designer dog is not for you.

What they also need is attention! They thrive on attention. So, get ready to give and receive a lot of cuddles.

If you like the Great Dane in particular, there are many other Great Dane mixes you can check out.

Great Dane crossbreed

If you don’t like the idea of designer dogs. or don’t want to pay up to $1500 for a puppy. Then you can ask in your local shelter if they have a Great Dane Pitbull mix or at a rescue.

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