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Poodle puppy cut: How to do it yourself?

Poodle puppy cut: How to do it yourself?

Poodles are beautiful dogs, but they are also high maintenance. Poodles have a thick and dense coat, and while they don’t shed, they still require a lot of brushing and grooming. rooming that might be a challenge to many. If you’re a first-time Poodle owner, taking care of your dog’s fur might be a real challenge. That’s why many people stick to the Poodle Puppy Cut.

Now, it’s a classic cut, we admit. And there are definitely more interesting Poodle haircuts, but the Poodle Puppy Cut is the safest option for many people. Why? Because you can do it yourself! In this article, we’ll lead you through the steps of giving your Poodle a Puppy cut.

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DIY Poodle Puppy Cut

First and foremost, let’s explain what a Poodle Puppy Cut is. If you’ve ever brought a long-haired dog to a professional groomer, you might have been asked if you wanted a puppy cut or a breed clip.

But what does that mean? Well, a breed clip is a specialized hairdo tailored to the breed in question. A puppy cut, on the other hand, is a quick and easy trim that will level out your dog’s coat. Basically, it will make your dog’s coat even all over their body.

Poodle Puppy Cut

Generally speaking, the majority of puppy cuts are 1-2 inches long. So, obviously, this cut isn’t only for puppies, older dogs can also benefit from this sort of cut.

A puppy cut basically makes maintenance and regular brushing much easier and faster. This is why Poodles are perfect for this kind of cut.

The coat of a poodle is wavy and hairy. You’ll wind up at the vet’s office with skin troubles if you don’t cut, brush, and clip your dog’s coat on a regular basis. And we also shouldn’t forget that your Poodle will have the worst case of matting.

Doing the cut

Now that you know a bit about this kind of dog cut, let’s see how you can do it at home! Now, there might be many reasons why you would do it yourself and not take your dog to the groomer, for example:

  • saving money
  • saving time
  • to avoid crowds at the groomer

And also, it’s not that difficult to do either! So, what do you need to do the cut? You’ll need:

  • Clipper with guard or a pair of scissors
  • Spray coolant

Firstly, make a decision on how long you want your dog’s coat to be. Even though the typical length is 1-2 inches, you can leave your dog’s coat longer than that. But, also consider your dog’s activity level before you make that decision. Also, some dog owners prefer to keep their dog’s coat longer in the winter, and shorter in the summer.

Secondly, take your clippers or scissors and begin trimming your poodle’s hair from their neck to their back. To make it easier for you you can cut to the length you want by holding the blade parallel to your dog’s body. your way around your dog’s back and belly. Keep an eye on your work to make sure there aren’t any blade marks.

Next, carefully shave your dog’s anal region. The backside of your poodle is a delicate area, so please be very careful and do it slowly. If you’re using a razor, and whatever blade you choose, be sure it doesn’t get too hot. That’s where the coolant spay comes in handy. Use a coolant to lower the temperature of the blade and keep your Poodle comfortable.

After you’re done with that, start trimming your dog’s tail and legs. You can leave the tail as it is or give it a minor trim. Some dog owners prefer to trim their Poodle’s tails because it’s more hygienic (poop can’t get stuck to it). Lastly, trim your Poodle’s ears and face. Here you have to be very careful too. Slowly bring your clippers up to your dog’s face and carefully cut their fur to the correct length. What you’ll do with your dog’s ears is your decision too. You can cut her ears short, or leave them long.

How to trim the face hair

Your Poodle will be very sensitive when it comes to their face, so let’s see how exactly you should approach it.

So, be very careful and first set the blade to 10 and begin cutting from her neck upwards to her chin. Stretch your dog’s skin to avoid nicks. Also, keep your Poodle’s head high with her nose looking to the sky. Next, do straight strokes towards the outer corner of your dog’s eyes and make your way to the inner ear.

Please, trim the fur around your dog’s eyes and face with utmost caution. Finally, push your dog’s lips back and make your way to her lips, then slide the blade over her nose and under her chin to finish.

Trimming a Poodle’s coat
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