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Doberman Husky Mix: The Dobsky!

Doberman Husky Mix: The Dobsky!

Can you imagine a mix between the Doberman Pinscher and the Siberian Husky? Well, the Doberman Husky mix exists and we call them the Dobsky or Siberian Pinscher!

Now, we know that crossbreed or designer dogs have a little bit of a negative stigma around them. Many people don’t like them because they have become very popular and are now a big money-making business. When just a couple of years ago that wasn’t the case, people were only buying purebreds.

There are also many people who call designer dogs “mutts”, but that’s not entirely true either.

A good breeder will have a goal why he is mixing two breeds. For example, to create a dog that sheds less, or that is very smart, or strong and has a lot of endurance that they can herd cattle.

And in the end, it’s important that the puppies are healthy and have a long life ahead of them.

Doberman Husky Mix – What to know

There’s a lot to learn about Dobskies. This is a mix that will leave you amazed. Now, like always we have to say that it’s not easy to predict how a mix will look like.

doberman husky mix
The Dobsky’s coat can be light like the Husky’s, or dark like the Doberman’s

So, with crossbreed, there are always three possibilities. The puppies can be like one parent breed or the other. or they can be an equal mix of both!

Because this is a mixed breed there is no standard as to how they’re supposed to look, and they’re not accepted by the American Kennel Club.

Let’s see what the Dobsky looks like.

What they look like

The Doberman Husky mix is a large dog weighing 40 to 90 pounds and being between 22 and 26 inches tall. Most puppies will look like an equal mix of both parents, they will be athletic and strong dogs.

Their eyes can be brown, like the Doberman’s eyes, blue like the Siberian Husky’s eyes, or one eye could be brown and the other blue. That condition is known as Heterochromia. Their ears are large and triangular, while their muzzle is long.

When it comes to their coat, they can have the same color as one of their parents. So, black and rust, or grey and white. But, it’s important to say that the black and rust color is more common. They can also inherit either parent’s markings, like the Husky’s mask or the Doberman Pinscher’s brows.

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The Dobsky can have eyes that are two different colors, brown and blue

What’s sure is that the mix will have a thick double coat. Their fur will be straight and medium-length.

Because they have a double coat you can expect them to shed quite a bit. Especially during shedding season when they are blowing their coat. So, brushing every day would be a good idea. It’s best that you have a daily grooming routine.

What they’re like

The Husky Doberman mix is a protective dog. They would do anything to protect their home and family. Besides this, they are also loving and loyal. They love their family more than anything and always want to be with them.

At first, these dogs might seem a bit distant towards strangers. But once you start socializing and training them, the sociable Husky in them will take over and they will want to be friends with everyone. Of course, if they sense a threat they will protect you. As you can see, their protectiveness and that social nature are well balanced. If you train them well, they’ll know exactly how to behave in different situations.

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Now, we’ve said that they love their family more than anything. This sounds great, but it can also be a downside. The Dobsky will want to spend every moment with you! No matter what you’re doing, they’ll be your shadow. So, if you want a more independent dog, then the Husky Doberman Mix might not be for you.

Because of their kind of needy nature, they often suffer from separation anxiety too. This means they need a family that is home most of the day.

The Doberman Husky Mix is an unusual crossbreed

Lastly, this dog is full of energy! So, there won’t ever be a dull moment with them. They will always be up for games like fetch or a hike. Basically, they will love any physical activity.

Exercise and training

As already mentioned the Doberman Husky mix needs a lot of exercises. To be precise, they need between 60 minutes and 90 minutes of exercise every day. So, they are the perfect pet for an active family. If they don’t get enough exercise they will become destructive and act out.

Because of their high energy level, these dogs should be placed in a home where they will have a lot of space. Meaning a big house with a large, fenced yard. Apartments will just be too small for them.

Along with exercise, training and early socialization is a must too. These dogs have a tendency to become overprotective if not trained and socialized right. They will see anyone and anything as a threat to their beloved family. So, make sure they see as many people, places, and animals as possible while they are still young.

You also have to teach them who the boss is (which is you!). You’re the leader of the pack, and your dog has to know that. This means the Dobsky will definitely benefit from obedience training.


Crossbreeds are usually much healthier than their purebred parents. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t get sick at all. There are a few health problems you should look out for:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia – The most common health problems among dogs, especially large breeds. It’s caused by the abnormal formation of the affected joints. This can lead to severe pain and even paralysis.
  • Eye problems – Both of the parent breeds are prone to different eye problems. For example Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Retinal Dysplasia and Cataracts. This is why it’s important to monitor their eye health regurarly, especially having your vet do eye tests.
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease – It happens when your dog’s blood isn’t able to clot normally, which could be fatal. For example, when your dog hurts himself and they lose a lot of blood due to this health problem.

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