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Doberman Lab Mix: The smart Doberdor

Doberman Lab Mix: The smart Doberdor

The Doberman Lab mix, also known as the Doberdor is an amazing dog. Like the name suggests it’s a cross between the Doberman Pinscher and Labrador Retriever.

Just by knowing who this crossbreed’s parents are you can assume the puppies will be intelligent, protective, and very loyal! One thing is for sure, these dogs inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parent breeds.

In this article we’ll learn more about this amazing mix, what they look like, how they’re by nature, and if they might be the right dog for you.

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Doberman Lab Mix

There are no standards as to how the Doberman Lab Mix will look like. When you pair two different breeds, the puppies can have traits of both parents. This means that the Doberdor can look more like the Doberman or more like the Labrador.

So, you shouldn’t have expectations how your puppy has to look like. You might get disappointed. With a crossbreed, you should like the traits and appearance of both parent breeds.

We also have to say that this is a crossbreed, which means they are not accepted by the AKC. So if you’re looking for a dog that you can register and compete in dog shows, this canine is not for you.

But, we can give you an idea of what your Doberman Lab Mix might look like.

What they look like

The Doberman Lab Mix is a large dog. Now, usually, they will weigh between 60 and 100 pounds, while their height ranges between 24 and 28 inches. So, their size can vary from dog to dog. These dogs look exactly like you’d imagine a Doberman Lab mix to look like. They have traits from both parent breeds.

doberman lab mix
The Doberdor’s coat can be just one solid color, but they can also have markings

They have a longer muzzle and big, floppy ears. Their tail is long, and thin at the end. These dogs have short and dense coats. Their coat is usually straight and the most common Doberdor colors are black, chocolate, tan and fawn.

Now, their coat can be just one solid color, but they can also have markings and patterns. Luckily, because their coat is so short, they don’t shed a lot. This means brushing them once or twice a week will be enough.

What they’re like

We’ve said that the Doberdor usually has amazing traits. But, they also come with a lot of responsibility.

It’s a fact that they are loyal and protective dogs. But, those traits can get out of control if you don’t train and socialize them right. You have to teach them that not everyone is a threat. For that, they should meet as many people and animals as possible while they are still young. They should also see as many places as possible. That way they’ll get used to seeing unfamiliar faces and places, and won’t lash out easily. They’ll know when to stay calm, and when you need protection. They’ll be able to sense a real threat, and won’t see everyone and everything as a threat.

The Doberdor is a high maintenance dog

The Doberdor is a very smart dog, but they are also stubborn. So, training them might not be as easy as you’d think. When training them you have to stay patient and be consistent. It might take a bit longer for them to learn something, again because they are so stubborn and won’t listen to you. But, once they learn something, they won’t ever forget it. When training them make sure to do it through positive reinforcement.

The Lab Doberman Mix is full of energy. This means they need a lot of exercise. To be precise 90 minutes to two hours of exercise every day! But, don’t forget about mental stimulation either. So ball games, fetch, Frisbee, interactive toys, runs, hikes, long walks, will have to become part of your daily routine.

But, if you train and socialize them well, you’ll get a smart, loving, protective dog.


We’ve said this many times, but one of the positive traits of crossbreeds is that they are usually healthier than their purebred parents. Breeders intentionally breed them to have fewer hereditary health problems.

But, this doesn’t mean they won’t ever get sick. Sadly every dog can get sick. The Doberdor, despite being a crossbreed, is susceptible to the following health problems:

  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Wobbler’s Syndrome
  • Progressive Retinol Atrophy (or gradual vision loss)
  • Bloat

To keep your dog healthy make sure they get enough exercise and eat a balanced and healthy diet. Also, take them to the vet for checkups regularly. That way, even if something is wrong with them, your vet will be able to spot it in time.

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