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Christmas Dog Collar for a Merry Holiday

Christmas Dog Collar for a Merry Holiday

A cute Christmas dog collar is an absolute must-have. Many dog owners will agree with that statement. Just like we wear ugly Christmas sweaters, we want our dogs to wear something festive too!

Of course, you could put your dog in some Christmas pajamas or sweaters, however, some dogs don’t like wearing clothes. In those cases, owners opt for something more comfortable for their pooch, like a collar.

If you own a dog that doesn’t like wearing clothes, or you don’t want to put on clothes on your dog, then we have a few suggestions for the cutest Christmas dog collars for a happy and merry holiday.

Christmas Dog Collar – Our finds

With these cute dog collars your dog won’t go unnoticed. We’re sure that the whole neighborhood will say how cute your pooch looks!

With that being said, let’s dive right into our list. We hope you’ll find the perfect Christmas dog collar for your dog.

1. Pet Holiday Reindeer Dog Collar

The Pet Holiday Reindeer Dog Collar is well made, super cute and festive

The first collar on our list is the Pet Holiday Reindeer Dog Collar. This collar has little reindeers and Santa drawn onto it.

But what’s special about the Pet Holiday Reindeer Dog Collar is the fact that it comes with two fun attachments, a velvety red bow tie and cute pom-poms.

According to the reviews, many customers agree that this product is well made, super cute, and festive. Besides this, their pups get so many compliments every time they wear this collar!

You can get the Pet Holiday Reindeer Dog Collar on Amazon, and it’s a real steal! The best part is that it costs only around 8 dollars!

2. Red Ruffled Christmas Collar with Bells

The Red Ruffled Christmas Collar is very cute

The Red Ruffled Christmas Collar with Bells is a bit more special and festive. Now, we must disappoint you. The Red Ruffled Christmas Collar with Bells is not made to be attached to a leash. But it will make your dog look cute!

This collar is adorned with little bells to softly announce your pet’s presence. The great part is that this festive Christmas collar comes in two sizes to fit most dogs.

Buy the Red Ruffled Christmas Collar with Bells on Amazon. The collar costs around 9 dollars.

3. Santa Dog Collar & Leash

santa dog collar
The Santa Dog Collar & Leash are very practical

The Santa Christmas dog collar and leash are not only cute but very practical. This collar also has a Santa Claus bell attached to the D-ring and it’s made of durable nylon material!

According to the reviews, customers who bought the Santa Christmas dog collar and leash are happy with. Besides this this item has a top star rating, so you know it’s good.

You can get the Santa Christmas dog collar and leash on Amazon for only 13 dollars.

4. Christmas Pom-Pom Decorative Collar

Christmas Pom-Pom Decorative Collar might not be practical, but it’s very festive

The last item on our list is the Christmas Pom-Pom Decorative Collar. This collar might not be as practical as the previous one, but it’s definitely festive and super adorable. You could say that it’s a decorative collar great for special events and occasions.

This collar comes in three sizes, so please make sure to check the size chart and measurements, so you get the right size!

However, one downside of this collar might be the fact that the pom-poms do fall off eventually.

You can get the Christmas Pom-Pom Decorative Collar on Amazon. The cost of this item depends on the size you get. The size ranges between 13 and 15 dollars.


In conclusion, you can’t go wrong this holiday season with an adorable Christmas dog collar! Your dog will look cute and will definitely get many compliments.

The best parts about the collars we’ve found for you are very affordable options, so we’re sure that everyone will find something for their pooch.

If you don’t want a Christmas collar, but would like to get some other Christmas themed, like jumpers, pajamas or decoration, then we have something for you too!

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