Great Dane German Shepherd Mix

Great Dane German Shepherd Mix
The Great Dane German Shepherd Mix is also called the Great Shepherd

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Last Updated on September 9, 2021 by Jackie Castle

The Great Dane German Shepherd Mix is also called the Great Shepherd. And for good reason!

There is a hand full of famous dog breeds, and the Great Dane and German Shepherd are one of them.

The German Shepherd is known for being the fighter among dogs and a bit scary. The Great Dane is known for being one of the largest dogs.

But what they have in common is that they are both loyal. And they want to protect their family. So, what is the mix of these two breeds like?

Great Dane German Shepherd Mix

When it comes to mixed breeds we don’t know how they will be like or what they will look like. They’re a mix of two different breeds. So they can be like one or the other parent breed. Or they can be like the mix of them.

When getting a mixed breed it’s best that you like both breeds and their traits. And you shouldn’t have many expectations. That way you won’t be disappointed once you get your puppy. Be open-minded.

So, with that said let’s see what the Great Dane German Shepherd Mix looks like.

What they look like

There is no set standard how the Great Shepherds look like. Not even two dogs from the same litter look the same. But we can give you an idea how your puppy might look like.

The German Shepherd and the Great Dane are large dogs. So you can expect their mix to be fairly big too.

The Great Dane is between 28 and 32 inches tall and weighs 110 to 175 pounds. They really are one of the largest dogs in the world.

The German Shepherd on the other hand is between 22 and 24 inches tall and weighs 50 to 90 pounds. So, they are quite big too.

The ultimate guide to the Great Dane German Shepherd Mix

When we take the size of both parent breeds into consideration we can say that the Great Shepherd will be between 28 to 30 inches tall and weigh between 65 and 100 pounds.

The Great Shepherd is a tall, strong dog. Their bodies are muscular, but at the same time lean. Their ears can be erect or drooping down. They have dark eyes and a long muzzle.

Coat color and grooming

The most common coat colors in Great Danes are black, brindle, blue, mantle, merle, harlequin, and fawn. The most common coat colors among German Shepherds are black and tan, black, red and black, sable, blue, grey, black, and silver.

So your Great Shepherd can be any of those colors. But usually, their coat can be black, brindle, fawn, harlequin, or a combination of two or three colors. Their coat can be either like the German Shepherd parent breeds’ or as the Great Dane parent breeds’.

The German Shepherd has a medium-length double coat. When a dog is double-coated that means they have a soft undercoat and a stiff outer coat. That double coat protects them from the cold and heat. German Shepherds shed all the time, but twice a year they will shed even more. That’s usually in spring and autumn. So if your Great Shepherd’s coat ends up being like the GSD’s, then you might want to invest in a good brush. You’ll have to brush them every day! Or at least every two days.

Great Danes however have a short coat and it’s very easy to maintain it. They shed minimally and you only have to brush them once a week. But, just like the German Shepherd, the Great Dane also has periods where they shed a bit more. Usually, that’s once or twice a year. But it’s nothing in comparison to the German Shepherd.

What they’re like

So, what’s the German Shepherd Great Dane mix like? Well, there is no standard to that either. But, we can give you an idea of what they could be like.

The Great Shepherd is usually a very social and smart dog. The Great Dane is a friendly dog, the German Shepherd is a bit more reserved. So, some Great Shepherds will be very friendly and outgoing. Others will be more protective and reserved.

What is for sure is that both of the parent breeds are highly intelligent. So their mix will be too. This means they need a lot of mental stimulation and you’ll have to play different games with them, train them and get them puzzle toys.

These dogs want to please you. So they will do anything you want. So, training them is super easy. You can pretty much teach them any trick or command. But, don’t forget that positive reinforcement is the best teaching method for canines. We don’t recommend punishing your dog when they do something wrong.

Socialization is also very important. We’ve already said that these dogs can be protective. So, socialization is a must if you don’t want them to lash out at every strange face, sound, or place. It’s important to socialize them when they are puppies. Let them see as many people, animals, and places as possible. That way they won’t be anxious and aggressive.

The Great Shepherd loves attention and they hate being left alone. If they feel like they didn’t get enough attention or if you left them alone for too long they will become bored and destructive. They might even chew on your shoes or furniture. If you’re out for long periods of time, then this dog is definitely not for you.


You know that mixed breeds are usually healthier than purebreds. And they live pretty long lives. Their life expectancy is between seven and 10 years. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t get sick. There still are certain health problems the Great Dane German Shepherd Mix is susceptible to.

Because they are such big dogs the Great Shepherd is prone to hip dysplasia. It’s when the hip joint doesn’t grow how it’s supposed to grow. The ball and the socket of the joint don’t fit together properly, so they rub against each other. With time this will cause symptoms similar to arthritis.

Other health problems the Great Dane German Shepherd mix is prone to:

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